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“The feminist culture has won”: Hercules Actor Kevin Sorbo Blames Timothée Chalamet for Killing ‘Real Masculinity’, Claims Hollywood No Longer Has Manly Men Anymore

“The feminist culture has won”: Hercules Actor Kevin Sorbo Blames Timothée Chalamet for Killing ‘Real Masculinity’, Claims Hollywood No Longer Has Manly Men Anymore

Kevin Sorbo, 65, recently wrote a controversial essay for Fox News criticizing “woke Hollywood” after he felt marginalized in the industry due to his conservative views last month.

Actor, Kevin Sorbo
Actor, Kevin Sorbo

The actor believes Hollywood canceled him (last month) due to his Christian beliefs. He recalled how his agent and manager abandoned him because of his views. He also believes Hollywood has a “one-way” tolerance for differing perspectives.

Sorbo has now commented on and rejected the media concept of “toxic masculinity.” He took a particular shot at the Dune actor — Timothée Chalamet and compared him to his portrayal of the demigod Hercules.

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Kevin Sorbo Wrote a Controversial Essay on “Toxic Masculinity”

Kevin Sorbo as Hercules
Kevin Sorbo as Hercules

The actor who starred as the muscle-bound Greek god in the hit show Hercules: The Legendary Journeys for six seasons from 1995 to 1999 penned on Fox News:

“It doesn’t really matter what end of the masculinity spectrum you fall on – if you’re a victim to your own base desires, the feminist culture has won.”

He continued:

“You’re exactly the kind of wussy man they (think they) want you to be. Society today seriously misunderstands masculinity.”

The star used a line said by Elastigirl from 2004’s The Incredibles to extend his point. Sorbo believes this “underlies every major entry” for “cinema’s largest metonym” and added:


“Leave the saving of the world to the men? I don’t think so,” quipped Elastigirl in Pixar’s “The Incredibles. That was 2004. Since then, Helen Parr’s popular feminist maxim has come to define Hollywood’s endemic anti-man ethos. Her words seem to underlie every major entry for cinema’s largest metonym, from recent “girl-boss” movies to more male-oriented films, all of which include an obligatory nod to the superior strength, intelligence and independence of womankind.”

Here, Sorbo criticizes modern men, claiming feminists have “won” because men have been subdued by basic desires like alcohol, drugs, video games, p*rnography, and other entertainment.

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Kevin Sorbo Aims at Timothée Chalamet in His Essay

Timothée Chalamet Goes Backless
Timothée Chalamet Goes Backless

Kevin Sorbo aimed at the fashion sense of Timothée Chalamet, saying he “often wears clothes that, well, let’s just say your grandfather wouldn’t have been caught dead dressed like Chalamet,” and added in the same column on Fox News comparing him with his portrayal of Hercules:


“On the other hand, our favorite movies are heavily populated with brawny macho men. I should know – I made a name for myself in the industry playing a Greek half-god. 

But is that really all that it takes to be a good man? No. In fact, you can work out and dress like a man’s man – ridiculing “betas” like Dylan Mulvaney and Chalamet – and still fall prey to the masculinity crisis. 


Sorbo’s column has divided the online community, with some praising him for his bold ideology while others criticizing him. One user wrote on X (@RvrLrd):

“Kevin Sorbo, a man who spends the entirety of his day on here whining about literally everything under the sun, and hasn’t worked in any real capacity since 1999, wants us all to man up. That’s so rich I don’t think I could possibly have another bite.” 

Another wrote on X (@ealdrid1):

“Sorbo is trying so hard to be relevant again…well as relevant as an actor of a third rate show can be.”

Though, it wasn’t the first time Sorbo has been under backlash for his actions.


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Source: Fox News

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