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“The feminists are going nuts”: Bill Burr Stood Up for Men’s Rights at the Grammys, Invited Wrath of Women From All Over the Globe

The feminists are going nuts": Bill Burr Stood Up for Men's Rights at the Grammys, Invited Wrath of Women From All Over the Globe

Iconic comedian Bill Burr, popularly known for his giggling jokes and controversial statements has constantly been able to be in the headlines in one way or the other. Of course, mentioning Burr’s controversies, how can one forget the Grammy 2021, where he surely set the audience ablaze not with his jokes but just by just giving an award on the most awaited award show.

Bill Burr's another controversial joke
Bill Burr being called out for his Grammy jokes

Bill Burr’s Controversies

Burr entered the stage in his typical controversial manner to present an award. Sounding a bit deviated from his original task, he went ahead and mocked the previous piano performance and also joked around his new suit that he foolishly bought for a non-televised show.

“Was I the only one that wanted to kill himself during that piano solo? I bought a suit for this. I thought I was going to be on TV, I’m such a moron, I’m losing so much money right now.” 

Though that seemed enough for Burr’s daily controversial remarks quota, the star comedian didn’t stop there, and following it he made one of his most controversial statements which enraged people across the globe. As a consequence, the public was outraged and called out to ‘cancel’ the comedian.

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Bill Burr's in hot water with feminists for his jokes.
Bill Burr’s controversial Grammy jokes

Feminists are infuriated with Bill Burr’s jokes

Presenting the award for Best Tropical Album Award seemed quite a tough task for an innocent comedian. Burr had a pretty hard time pronouncing the name of our beloved Latina artist Natalia Lafourcade and took his sweet time to play with it.

“I can’t say this name. And the Grammy goes to Natalia Lafourcade. I will accept on behalf of her. If I butchered her name, I’m sorry. Natalia, you won. That’s it,”

Though the artist apologized and congratulated Natalia in the same statement. It seemed that he was not yet done with his controversial jokes. His upcoming remarks didn’t seem any good either to help him protect from upcoming public outrage. Burr also questioned and called out the authorities for making a white cis-man do all the Latina stuff and jokingly predicted his upcoming fate and took a dig at feminists for their inevitable criticism, who surely seemed offended enough by his above remarks.

“The feminists are going nuts. Why is the cis white male doing all this Latino stuff,”

Making his predictions true there was a major backlash from the public who accused the comedian of being insensitive towards the artist’s hard work, racist towards Mexican culture, and even arrogant enough to make a genuine apology. The critics called out to cancel Bill Burr and the movement got more than 10,000 tweets against him.

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Bill Burr's iconic Grammy performance.
Bill Burr – an innocent controversial comedian

Though there were still many of Burr’s fans out there who defended the comedian and remarked that the intention behind his words was misinterpreted. His fans stated that his comic style has always been sarcastic and his use of a controversial tone is solely driven to entertain people. Yet all this was of little good to the degrading image of the star comedian.

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It seems as if Bill Burr surely got his life lesson to be more careful next time on stage. The following incident will act as a guide in the future for the people to keep in mind the sensitivity of an issue before ridiculing them on international television. Nonetheless, it seems Bill Burr may be in hot water with feminists for a while.

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