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“The film wasn’t released. It escaped!”: Evil Dead Star Bruce Campbell Celebrates 30 Years of ‘Army of Darkness’

"The film wasn't released. It escaped!": Evil Dead Star Bruce Campbell Celebrates 30 Years of 'Army of Darkness'

Bruce Campbell is known well by the audience for starring in Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead horror franchise. Campbell played the lead role in the horror trilogy and his performance was highly appreciated by fans. The trilogy gave Campbell exposure to the public which surely made him popular. The My Name is Bruce star recently revealed that it was troublesome to release the last installment of the trilogy, Army of Darkness.

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Bruce Campbell
Bruce Campbell

Bruce Campbell’s Evil Dead Horror Franchise

Campbell played the role of the protagonist, Ash Williams in the franchise. Evil Dead is an American horror franchise created by Sam Raimi. It originally consisted of three movies but later two more projects were added under the franchise name, which came out as standalone films along with a short film. The initial two films of the original trilogy gained public appreciation but Campbell had some interesting opinions on the third movie, Army of Darkness.

Army of Darkness follows the story of Campbell’s character, Ash Williams, who accidentally time travels to the middle age period. Campbell’s character fights against his enemies to get back to his original time. The movie did well at the box office as it collected a total of $21.5 million against its $ 11 million budget. The movie was also known for its visuals and poster where Campbell can be seen flaunting his ripped body.

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Army of Darkness
Army of Darkness

Bruce Campbell On Army of Darkness

Bruce Campbell expressed his dissatisfaction to the public, which he experienced at the time of shooting Army of Darkness. The third and last installment of the hit franchise needed to leave a strong impression on the audience to end the trilogy perfectly. But who would have thought that despite starring as the lead in the previous two hits of the franchise, Campbell will face a hard time filming the third installment? Campbell expressed his disappointment with the staff as he underlined the miscommunication between the team at that time.

“I had no idea what they were doing. I went into a studio, and they said, ‘We need a kind of sly look on your face.’ So I gave a whole series of stupid shots. Next thing you know, they show me a rough of this Frank Frazetta-like painting. ‘We’ve got to approve it in a day,’ they said, ‘and if you don’t approve it, we don’t have an ad campaign.’ So what were they telling me? Why did they submit it to me at all? It was frustrating because the lines of communication were not clearly drawn, and things got lost in the shuffle like crazy.”

Army of Darkness managed to perform well on the big screen despite all this. The movie was released on February 19, 1993, and recently completed 30 years of success. But it appears as though Campbell is still frustrated with the uncoordinated past experiences and took to his Twitter to express the same. 

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Bruce Campbell in Army of Darkness
Bruce Campbell in Army of Darkness

The audience at that time could have never imagined that the movie and its actors went through a lot of trouble to complete the movie as well as the hit trilogy. Time may pass but the memories of the past are always present at the back of our minds. The previous statement is proved well by the recent tweet of Bruce Campbell on the 30th anniversary of the movie, Army of Darkness.

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