The Final Trailer For Crisis On Infinite Earths Has Been Released


DC fans unite!! The final trailer for the epic crossover event Crisis of Infinite Earths was released today and it promises and epic finale!!

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Crisis on infinite earths is the epic five-part crossover which spans the shows of Supergirl, Batwoman, The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow. The first three parts of the Crisis crossover were released last year with our heroes facing their darkest hour as the Anti-Matter wave vanquished their loved ones. 


It seems now that everything has built up to the last two hours of the Crisis event and to hype up the event even more DC  released a final trailer as a promise of what’s to come.

The trailer promises massive action with each of the seven paragons racing against time to fight the Anti0Monitor and his minion as they must find a solution to get everyone back. 


We get some cool hero shots of Supergirl and The Flash using their power to defeat the Anti Monitor’s army.  Some sweet and emotional callbacks to the first seasons of Arrow and a curious shot of Lex Author shooting beams from his hands. The Anti Monitor saying he is the one eternal being in this universe as all life ends.

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Perhaps the best part of the trailer is seeing Oliver Queen return as the Spectre. In the comic book of Crisis of Infinite Earths the Spectre was key in helping the heroes defeat the Anti Monitor. It is possible that the TV show will go this route as well but it is clear the DCTV series is having their own spin on the subject. 

Whatever the case maybe and whatever the fates of these characters are Fans will just have to tune in on January 14 to see exactly how everything in this story ends.


Let us know down in the comments if you’re excited for the final two hours of the Crisis crossover!


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