The Fire Devil’s True Powers Throughout Chainsaw Man Part 2’s Story Prove that Tatsuki Fujimoto is a Genius

Fire Devil's True Powers Makes Him a Dangerous Villain Who Can Take Over The Desires of People Who come in contract with him.

The Fire Devil’s True Powers Throughout Chainsaw Man Part 2’s Story Prove that Tatsuki Fujimoto is a Genius


  • The most recent Chapter 146 contains a major plot twist that reveals that a considerable proportion of Chainsaw Man's followers are under contract with the Fire Devil.
  • The true power of the fire devil is not pyro/fire, but rather delivering humans the metamorphosis they so desperately crave.
  • The contractees of the Fire Devil have a fire within them that is fueled by inner hunger and will eventually burn away their natural selves.

The popular anime and manga series Chainsaw Man finally revealed many secrets that have been going on in the series. The most current Chapter 146 has a big storyline twist exposing that a large proportion of Chainsaw Man’s followers are under contract with the Fire Devil, who has been functioning as the Justice Devil until now. The Justice Devil has already died. Unbeknownst to them, the followers were entering into a pact with the Fire Devil, with the unintended consequence of losing their sanity and desire.

Chainsaw Man
Chainsaw Man

This proves that the fire devil’s true power is not pyro/fire but granting people the transformation that they desire deeply. This is probably the most unexpected aspect proving that Tatsuki Fujimoto, the creator of the series is a genius.

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The Fire Devil in Chainsaw Man

The Fire Devil is a Devil who represents a person’s fear of fire. They serve as the unseen overarching adversary of the Justice Devil storyline as well as a prominent nemesis of the entire Academy Saga. The Fire Devil, as a Devil, possesses all of the usual Devil skills. These include his ability to form covenants with people, such as those with the Chainsaw Man Church. The Fire Devil, unlike the other Devils, did not appear to ask for a price in exchange for their contract when disguised as the Justice Devil. The Fire Devil’s major talent is to allow others the capacity to morph based on their desires.

Fandomwire Video
Justice Devil
Fire Devil Acting as Justice Devil

This proves that the fire being talked about is the fire an individual has within oneself. The fire develops into the desire that the fire devil uses to transform the chainsaw man’s church followers. Many Churchgoers succumbed to it, becoming Chainsaw Man. While this does set up an exciting future for Chainsaw Man 2, it also answers several issues about prior events that have puzzled fans for quite some time.

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The Fire Devil’s Revelation Answers Many Questions

It was discovered that the Fire Devil gave its contractors the freedom to become whatever they chose. The contracts reflect “losing yourself in desire,” and several of the characters exhibit this trait. Yuko’s character, who was also influenced by the Fire Devil’s contract, demonstrates how the contractees’ ideas might be drowned out by the Fire Devil’s influence, affecting their level of self-control. Chainsaw Man‘s next group of Churchgoer zombies is most likely going through something similar.

Yuko - Chainsaw Man
Yuko – Chainsaw Man

As their innermost cravings take over their bodies, they’ve lost control of their thoughts. It is possible to say that the Fire Devil contractees have a fire sparked inside of them that is fueled by inner yearning and will eventually burn away their natural selves.

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