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The First Trailer For Guns Akimbo Arrives

Harry Potter has finally seen reason as he knows now that a trusty handgun or two is much better than some dusty old wands in the new Guns Akimbo trailer. 

The new film starring Daniel Radcliffe promises excitement, violence, intrigue, and comedy with the former Harry Potter actor front and center. 

The movie is set in a world where a terrorist organization called Skizm exists. Skizm makes random people fight each other to death and this terrorist organization has attacked our main character Miles. 

Miles has woken up with guns attached to his hands with a challenge to kill Skizm’s number one killer Nix. If Miles doesn’t kill Nix, Skizm will kill him. It is now up to Miles to get his way out of the situation others have put him in and hopefully walk away from all this with his life.

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Based on the trailer, it is clear that the film promises are a variety of amazing action set-pieces as well as some comedy from Nix and Miles. It should be interesting to see how well the events will play out in the film as Miles struggles to achieve his goal and not be killed by Skizm. 

It is also worth noting that Nix is played by newcomer actress Samara Weaving who has played the Bride in Ready or Not as well as the evil babysitter in The Babysitter.

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With guns, action, bullets, and cars the movie seems to have promise for its action. If Guns Akimbo does well, it has the potential to lead into an action franchise like John Wick or the Fast and Furious movies.

Are you excited? What did you think of the trailer? Let us know in the comments below!

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