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The Flash 2 Reportedly in the Works With Aquaman Writer Attached to Project, WB Staying With Ezra Miller Despite Multiple Allegations

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Chaos is the appropriate term for what’s happening with DC right now and The Flash 2 seems to be one of the factors contributing to it. If the recent updates surrounding Warner Bros. projects under development (which should have come with a flash warning, pun intended) haven’t reached the audience, here’s how it goes — all the stars are actively coming back.

With multiple films currently in development and WB’s level-headed approach toward DC, it might be a little late in coming, but as they say, better late than never.

David Zaslav set to take WB in a new direction
David Zaslav is set to take WB in a new direction

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Warner Bros. Announces Major Projects in Development

Warner Bros. Discovery and DC Films are back in the saddle after a year-long stagnancy. Projects have been announced that includes a new James Gunn film, Wonder Woman 3The Flash 2Man of Steel 2, Matt Reeves‘s The Batman 2, and the Colin Farrell Penguin spin-off series. In the meantime, J.J. Abrams stays currently on WB’s retainer.

Although this may sound absurd at the moment, nothing that has been ensuing since the April 2022 merger at Warner Bros. has been normal. In the broader vision of David Zaslav, who had his whetting stone and katana ready before stepping on as the WBD chief, plans were formulated for quite some time now. And to give way to newer, better projects, the harder decision of letting go of the past had to be made from an unbiased front. And that decision included rebooting the SnyderVerse.

The Flash 2
The Flash 2‘s fate depends on the success of the Flashpoint paradox

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With the silence from Warner Bros. looming larger with every passing day, the audience could only grow worried and restless and the following cancellations and shelving of projects contributed to that fear. Now, it looks like the silence was representative of the closed-room planning and stratagem for the revival of DC to its glory days, without having to let go of its fundamental roots. So, the result is a flurry of new projects that are enough for the fans to forgive the year-long misgivings of Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. Considering Moving Forward With The Flash 2

Ezra Miller and their riotous streak wreaking havoc all around the globe — these were essentially what the news headlines read on every website and in print almost every day for the past year. Did that deter Warner Bros.? No. But it did cause Miller to apologize formally stating complex mental health concerns on 15 August 2022. Considering how integral the actor has been to the development of the DC universe, David Zaslav seems reluctant to let go of them just yet.

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The Flash, right now, is being widely hailed as a reset point for the entire DCEU that essentially holds the potential to erase SnyderVerse from existence. On the other hand, the Flashpoint paradox could perfectly explain the Man of Steel 2 project right now, which is being reported to include a happy-go-lucky patriotic Superman, instead of the broody, darker, and solo version from earlier.

The Flash 2
The Flash may reboot the timeline and change Superman’s core personality

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If this theory for Miller’s 2023 film proves successful, then the studio is more than inclined to pick up the already finished script of The Flash 2, courtesy of Aquaman writer David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick. Although nothing is set in stone yet, David Zaslav’s vision for movie production seems to not align with morality, given WB’s backing of Ezra Miller and JK Rowling. For now, however, the test screening for The Flash seems to be scoring off-the-roof with the audience, and the confirmation for The Flash 2 may soon be incoming at a faster rate than the Scarlet Speedster himself.

Stranger things have happened.

The Flash will premiere on June 23, 2023.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Written by Diya Majumdar

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