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The Flash: Cisco’s Exit Was Supposed To Be In Season 4

CW show “The Flash” is scheduled to bid farewell to one of its most fan-favourite characters, Cisco Ramon. He was a significant member of Team Flash, providing advanced tech support and inventions. Whenever things got more intense, Cisco also accompanied Flash to the field as the Vibe. Throughout seven seasons, he has won many hearts with his exuberance and light-hearted comedy. Therefore, it’s not surprising that his exit comes as heartbreak to many of us. Recently, actor Carlos Valdes who plays Cisco revealed that he had been planning to leave the show since Season 4.

During one of his latest interviews, Carlos said, “It’s been a long time, actually. Doing this kind of show with the sort of commitment that comes with it, happened very fast, and I think that at the time I was in a place where I was still figuring out my life. And right around Season 4, I started debating what the end for this character might look like,”. He added, “So, that seed was always there, but it didn’t start becoming a reality until much later on — like, the end of Season 5, Season 6, where I started to become more comfortable with the idea of, ‘Oh, I think there’s a good way to put an end to this chapter.”

Not just Carlos, even Tom Cavanagh, a recurring actor known for playing Harrison Wells from the multiverse, is also scheduled to leave. Carols’ departure was recently announced in May. Now that we think about what Carlos had said, a lot of episodes from past seasons pop up as his potential exit routes. Cisco deciding to give up his powers in Season 5 was a groundbreaking and life-altering moment for the character. Some of us did fear at the moment that it could be a cue for his departure.  However, the impending adieu is finally happening in “Good-Bye Vibrations”, Episode 12, Season 7 on 8th June’2021.

Interestingly, Ciscos’ debut in the Arrowverse was not on “The Flash” but “Arrow” Season 2, Episode 19, “The Man Under The Hood”. Cisco Ramon is an irreplaceable asset for Team Flash. But since life has to go on, his role will be filled by Brandon McKnight’s Chester Runk. Actor Carlos has also added that his farewell will be less dramatic and emotional. He described his final moments on the series as a “very silly, very goofy, low-stakes departure.”

Even though we love Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen and the rest of the cast like Danielle Panabaker, Candice Patton, Jesse L. Martin; we’ll miss Cisco a lot.

Written by Ipshita Barua