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The Flash Faces Justice League’s Genius in One-on-One Showdown

Warning: Spoilers for The Flash #775

At the start of the Infinite Frontier era, Wally West took over the mantle as The Flash. And since then, he has been working closely with Justice League teammate and the third-smartest person in the DCEU, Mister Terrific. Apart from being superheroes, they also share a day job. Wally is now working with Michael’s tech company at its Central City facility. However, when a Justice League foe makes his way to Central City, he teams with Justice League to fight off the threat. This makes Wally out-think Michael, DC’s most brilliant mind.

The Turn of Events

The Flash Faces Justice League's Genius in One-on-One Showdown
The Flash











The story begins with a large, magical glaive hitting the Central City and embedding itself in the streets. The Justice League comes to the scene and starts to investigate the strange-looking glaive. Superman tries to lift the glaive, however, he is unable to lift and leaves The Flash and Mister Terrific in charge of the scene.

Slowly, the glaive starts to reveal its true nature which affects Terrific converting him into his villainous shadow. The fight between Shadow Terrific and Wally unfolds in The Flash #775 written by Jeremy Adams, Fernando Pasarin, Matt Ryan, Jeromy Cox, and Steve Cox.

What Happens Next?

As Terrific is corrupted, he starts to give out the insidious energy of Eclipso. And thus Terrific decides to put down Wally. During the fight, Terrific observes that The Flash can easily go against the laws of physics as he has the Speed Force. This also allows The Flash to travel in time and space.

The Flash Faces Justice League's Genius in One-on-One Showdown
The Flash #775













Terrific also calculates that The Flash can destroy the world. And there is a 65 percent chance of this happening. Hence, he decides to eliminate the threat. However, it quickly becomes clear that Wally needs to think out of the box if he wants to defeat Terrific and bring him to his senses.

While Wally is giving Terrific a head-to-head fight, he finds that Terrific has modified his T-spheres to calculate and anticipate Wally’s attacks. The makes The Flash deviate from his usual strategy. This time, instead of running directly into Terrific, The Flash drills himself in the streets of Central City. And he emerges on the surface and gives Terrific an uppercut thus disabling his T-Spheres and laying him flat on the ground.

The Flash Faces Justice League's Genius in One-on-One Showdown
The Flash #775

Final Takeaway

The fight is certainly interesting to read in the comic. However, there are a few things to be noted. First, Terrific still sees The Flash as a threat to the world. And since Wally is trying to prove his worth after the Heroes in Crisis, this does come as a sting. Second, Wally established that he is not just the fastest superhero in the DCEU, he also has the ability to think faster and outwit his boss.

Although the fight between The Flash and Mister Terrific happened due to magical abilities, Michael’s words will surely echo in The Flash’s mind.


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