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The Flash Final Season Bringing Back All Evil Speedsters from Past Seasons as Homage To Grant Gustin’s Arrowverse Legacy

The Flash Final Season Bringing Back All Evil Speedsters from Past Seasons as Homage To Grant Gustin's Arrowverse Legacy

Warning: This article contains spoilers for season 9 of The Flash 

The Flash is currently airing its last season and as per reports, is filming its final episode. We have already seen the show introduce a new and much-awaited villain, Red Death, played by Javicia Leslie. But that’s not all. The long-running CW DC show, which will end this season, is bringing back more speedster villains from ages past. However, there’s supposedly a twist in the way one of them is going to be portrayed.

Speedster Villains Return For The Flash Season 9

Multiple Flash villains return. Pic Credit- Canadagraphs
Multiple Flash villains return. Pic Credit- Canadagraphs

Javicia Leslie’s Red Death wasn’t received well by a lot of the fans of The Flash show. But they will surely love the speedster villains who will populate the final episode of the series. After all, as per a leak by Canadagraphs, yesteryear enemies of Barry Allen (Grant Gustin), like Reverse Flash, Godspeed, and Savitar are returning to wreck the hero’s life one last time before the show bids goodbye.

Eobard Thawne/ the Reverse Flash is the biggest nemesis of Barry Allen. Arguably, he is also the one fans have always loved seeing. It’s assumed that Matt Letscher is going to be back as the character. Next up is Savitar. The future-time remnant of the titular hero hated Barry Allen and wanted to kill Iris West-Allen. However, since the Flash-fam was able to avert Iris’ death so Savitar was erased from existence.

Generally, Savitar is depicted with a blue light, but in the leaked photo, there’s a red glow emanating from him. This only happened once when Barry wore Savitar’s suit. So is the hero leading all these villains in a final teamup? This twist will certainly surprise fans.

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Reverse Flash Kills Godspeed. Pic credit: The CW
Reverse Flash Kills Godspeed. Pic credit: The CW

Seeing Godspeed or August Heart fighting beside Thawne is surprising. After all, in season 7, he was killed by the Reverse Flash. However, since both of them have overall the same motivation to end Barry Allen, so it makes sense that they would team up over that common goal. Thankfully, these aren’t the only evil characters making their return.

There’s a new character who will finally make his debut. Fans have been requesting the show to introduce him for a long time and they are finally going to get their wish fulfilled. The character is Cobalt Blue and he is played by Rick Cosnett. It’s interesting that Cosnett, who played Eddie Thawne in the initial seasons of the show, is returning now as the villain.

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Other Heroes And Villains Returning For The Final Season Of The Flash 

Supergirl, Green Arrow, and The Flash
Supergirl, Green Arrow, and The Flash

Apart from the characters pictured in the leaked photo, it’s rumored that the final season of The Flash will bring back Zoom/ Hunter Zolomon. Teddy Sears, who previously played the character in season 2 of the series is assumed to reprise the fan-favorite role again. Among the heroes, Keiynan Lonsdale as Wally West/ Kid Flash and John Wesley Shipp as Jay Garrick as returning. Joining them is Jessica Parker Kennedy as XS/Nora West-Allen.

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It’s also confirmed that Stephen Amell and David Ramsey will reprise their Arrow roles of Oliver Queen/ Green Arrow and John Diggle/ Spartan. It’s a mystery how Oliver Queen will return because he was killed off in the Arrowverse crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths. But everyone is excited to see him come back. Fans of the show also want to see Melissa Benoist reprise her role as Supergirl/ Kara Danvers so that the Arrowverse Trinity can be seen fighting together one last time. However, there’s no confirmation on whether Benoist will appear in the final season of the show or not.

The Flash season 9 airs new episodes on Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. EST on The CW.

Source: Canadagraphs

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