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The Flash: How Zack Snyder Would Have Ended Barry’s Story in Justice League 3

The four-hour runtime of the Snyder Cut did justice to all the Leaguers. But one of the main characters that Zack Snyder redeemed was Barry Allen. As far as character development is concerned, the Flash literally took super-fast baby steps when Joss Whedon handled him. But Snyder gave him a great arc and a lot of depth. In fact, there is no story where his version of Justice League would have worked without Barry Allen in it. He was the key to bringing Superman back, and he was the one who saved Earth after “the Unity” was formed. Just like the first film, Barry Allen would have been equally important (if not more) in Snyder’s Justice League 2 and 3.


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Over the years, the visionary director has revealed plenty of details about his plans for the Justice League sequels. Among those details, we got to know what was going to be next for Barry Allen. After the Snyder Cut, Barry Allen would have run directly into his solo movie, which was originally supposed to arrive in 2018. This is where he would have fought Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold, and probably some other Flash villains. That would have led the Scarlet Speedster directly to Justice League 2.

The Flash’s Arc in Justice League 2

Heroes Assembled

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By the time we enter this film, Barry Allen and all the other superheroes would have become regular crime fighters. The world would have come to know of the Justice League. Snyder’s Justice League 2 storyboards were recently leaked and they revealed how the team would have united to stop a natural disaster together at the beginning of the film. Meanwhile, Lex Luthor would have been assembling his own team of the Injustice League including Dr. Maru from Wonder Woman, Black Manta and Orm from Aquaman, and Leonard Snart from The Flash. Lex Luthor would have looked for the Anti-Life Equation while these villains would have gone up against the Leaguers. Talking about Captain Cold in particular, Luthor would have given him a major upgrade for his second round against Flash.

barry allen henry allen

In the midst of all this, Barry would have successfully managed to reopen the case of his wrongfully convicted father. With the help of Bruce’s army of Lawyers, Iris and Cyborg, Barry would have freed his father and cleared his name. Henry and Barry would have also shared some quality father-son moments outside prison. But things were going to take a darker turn as Darkseid would’ve appeared and taken the anti-life equation from Luthor. Thanks to the cynical genius, Darkseid would have killed Lois Lane in the Batcave and turned Superman against Earth. Then comes the Knightmare future where 5 years later, Earth falls to Darkseid’s rule, and Barry is among the final few heroes of the resistance.


How Things Ended for the Flash in Justice League 3

The Flash knightmare

Green Lantern would have been brought into the mix in Justice League 3, and he was supposed to become good friends with Barry. And, this is the film where Barry would prove to be the most important character. By now, he will have had even more adventures with Time Travel. So, his arc would have been to undo the Knightmare future using Time Travel. Bruce and his team would use the Mother Box to build the Cosmic Treadmill. With that, Barry would go back in time to warn Bruce about Lois Lane’s death at the hands of Darkseid.

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But you see, there’s a condition attached. Traveling back in time through the Treadmill was very risky and it could only be done once a year. Furthermore, Barry would only get 10-15 seconds in order to tell Bruce whatever he wanted to say. And as we already saw in Batman V Superman, Barry’s first attempt at time travel was not successful at all. “Am I too soon? I’m too soon.” By this, he meant that he ended up going way back in time. He was supposed to go back in the Batcave right before Darkseid would kill Lois.

Knightmare future resistance

Then somehow after this failed attempt, the Resistance would survive another year. Along with Barry, Batman would have assembled Deathstroke, Joker, Cyborg & Mera in order to steal another Mother Box for the Cosmic Treadmill. Once they rebuild the “Time Machine,” Barry would go back in time to the right moment this time. He’d warn Bruce about saving Lois. But this was their final chance because right after the warning, Barry would vanish out of existence.


The Final Battle of Earth

Flash knightmare

After Barry’s warning, Bruce would have successfully saved Lois Lane by coming in the line of Darkseid’s Omega Beams. By doing this, he’d undo the Knightmare future. Looking at his condition, Superman would once again go berserk. But this time, all his rage would be directed towards Darkseid. He’d lead an all-out war against Darkseid’s army, and the Flash of the present would get a massive battle sequence. He’d take out an entire army of Parademons all by himself. After Bruce’s sacrifice, Superman would lead a new team of Justice League including Barry Allen. From this point on, the Flash could have gotten a sequel if the Warners. would have deemed it necessary.

The Flash (2022)

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Sadly, none of the aforementioned plot points are coming to life as Warner Bros. is not interesting in restoring the SnyderVerse. They are doing their own Flashpoint Multiverse story with The Flash in 2022. We hope that it will manage to separate the SnyderVerse and the theatrical DCEU in a way that makes sense. That way, even if WB agrees to #RestoreTheSnyderVerse on HBO Max, they’d be able to do it while running their loosely connected solo DC movies in the theatres (which take place in a similar, but different Universe in DC’s Multiverse).






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