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The Flash Latest Episode Miserably Fails With The Batman Reference, Proves Robert Pattinson’s Role as The Dark Knight is Criminally Underrated

The Flash Latest Episode Miserably Fails With The Batman Reference, Proves Robert Pattinson’s Role as The Dark Knight is Criminally Underrated

The Flash is a well-known DC superhero character who possesses the power of super speed. The speedster has always been a fan-favorite character. There have been numerous representations of Flash on screen over time by different actors. But undeniably the most popular representation has been done by Grant Gustin in the CW TV series titled, The Flash. The first episode of the series aired in 2014 after that the series has never looked back. The series continues to air today as it runs its ninth season. But it looks like the recent episodes of the series have hugely disappointed fans.

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The Flash
The Flash


Robert Pattinson Made Its Surprising Debut In The Flash Series

Fans were eagerly waiting for the ninth installment of the series but contradictory to the usual response that the CW series usually enjoys, the third episode of the series has invited public criticism and wrath. The Flash series aired its third episode of the ninth season on February 22, 2023, titled Rogues of War. Things were going pretty well but it appeared like Javicia Leslie aka the new Batwoman made a huge blunder by delivering the iconic line of Batman which is associated closely with Robert Pattinson. 

The arrival of Batwoman was pretty much spoiled by the leaked photos from the set but who would have thought that the incoming Batwoman will end up mimicking Robert Pattinson’s hit Batman line? The recently released third episode finally confirmed that Leslie’s character was behind the mask of Red Death. After Chillblaine betrayed Team Flash and questions how he can trust someone who remains behind the mask as he remained cornered by the Red Death. Things were going pretty well until Leslie’s character took her mask off to reveal her identity and opened her mouth to utter those controversial words.

“I am Vengeance.”

Javicia Leslie revealed as Red Death
Javicia Leslie revealed as Red Death

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Fans Are Upset With The Unnecessary Robert Pattinson’s Reference In The Flash

It is a known fact that Robert Pattinson plays the role of Batman in Matt Reeves’ independent storyline. Pattinson’s portrayal was surely underrated but his depiction made sure to make the dialogue of ‘I am Vengeance” popular. But now fans are not only shocked but also disappointed by the unnecessary connection to Pattinson’s role.

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Robert Pattinson as Batman
Robert Pattinson as Batman

It looks like the hit superhero series has ended up disappointing its fans in the end. This is evident by the fact that the rating of episode 3 received a dip in its viewership.

Fans can enjoy season 9 of The Flash series on CW. A new episode is released every Wednesday. 

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