‘The Flash ring means a lot to me’: While Being Arrested, Ezra Miller Asked Cops to Handle the Flash Ring in His Pocket Carefully, Says ‘It’s very valuable’

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Finding themself in one controversy after the other, Ezra Miller has been quite busy lately. Due to the negative reception of their recent happenings, many fans have petitioned to have the actor fired from their beloved franchises.

Ezra Miller
Ezra Miller as the Flash.

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Miller has been accused and charged with grooming and hurting women, which has led fans of the DCEU and Fantastic Beasts franchise to petition and have the actor fired. But considering how important the character Flash is to the DCEU as well as the actor, they’re unlikely to leave anytime soon.


Ezra Miller is at it again

Not long ago, the actor was arrested in Hawaii for shouting profanities and interrupting a karaoke session to sing themselves. While they were being arrested, Ezra Miller claimed they were harassed by a Nazi and had proof of it.

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When the actor was being searched by the police officers, they protested the action by stating that they were “transgender nonbinary” and that they didn’t want to be searched by a man. But once searched, the cops found Nerf bullets in a plastic bag and a ring emblazoned with the Flash’s logo on the actor.

Ezra Miller's The Flash
Ezra Miller’s Flash’s ring from The Flash (2023) movie.

Miller replied to this by stating “The Flash ring means a lot to me,” and that the ring was very valuable. The ring is probably a prop from The Flash, which is known to store the character’s suit in the comics, but this has not yet been established in the DCEU.

Other antics of Ezra Miller

Aside from the bizarre arrest, the actor hasn’t laid low but has become more active since last year. They were in controversy again for inappropriately interacting with a minor, as well as allegedly harassing the child’s family in their downstairs neighbor’s home.

Ezra Miller
Ezra Miller admitted to exhibiting troubling behavior and has begun treatment.

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Taking place in April of the same year, the actor was also arrested and charged with assault in Hawaii by the local police. The investigation revealed they had thrown a chair on a young woman, leading to her getting an approximate half-inch cut.

DCEU’s The Flash is expected to release on June 23, 2023.

Source: Vanity Fair


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