The Flash Star Ezra Miller Arrested For The Second Time In Hawaii

Ezra Miller arrested again in Hawaii
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The Flash star Ezra Miller doesn’t seem to be able to keep himself away from controversy as he has now been arrested for the second time in Hawaii. Earlier in March, Miller was first arrested for his disorderly behavior at a karaoke bar in Hawaii, leading to speculations regarding his future prospect as the Flash. Surprisingly, the Fantastic Beasts star was reportedly arrested for the second time moments before his scheduled court appearance. For now, the reason for his arrest has not yet been disclosed, as reported by Hawaii News Now.

Ezra Miller arrested for second time in Hawaii
Ezra Miller

Why Ezra Miller Was Arrested In Hawaii?

Earlier in March, the actor had reportedly displayed aggressive behavior at a karaoke bar where he snatched the microphone from a woman. Furthermore, to make things even worse, Miller had apparently lunged at a man at the bar who was playing darts.

The Flash star Ezra Miller arrested in Hawaii
Ezra Miller as the Flash

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Ezra Miller’s agitated and aggressive behavior has been the talk of the town recently. If his antics at the karaoke bar weren’t enough, the Fantastic Beasts star further went on to harass a couple by forcefully entering their premises. The actor was also reported to have stolen a few things, including a wallet and a passport, from the terrified couple. Though the couple has since then dropped the charges against Miller, they are reported to be distressed by the actor’s erratic behavior and his easy access to weapons.

Ezra Miller’s Previous Controversies and His Future As The Flash

Earlier this year, The Flash star had come into the spotlight for his cryptic and violent message to an alleged Ku Klux Klan chapter in North Carolina. Last year, Miller was once again in the mire of controversy as he was found choking a fan.

Ezra Miller arrested again in Hawaii
Ezra Miller in Fantastic Beasts

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Despite starring in a few DC films as the Scarlet Speedster, Miller’s string of controversies might not end well for the actor. With the recent Will Smith controversy at the Oscars, Miller’s violent behavior will definitely not go unnoticed. While many fans have condemned the actor’s recent antics, a lot of them have also mentioned that Miller is probably struggling with some mental issue and should seek help as soon as possible.

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