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The Flash Theory: The Villain In The Film Isn’t Who You Think It Is

The Flash Theory The Villain In The Film Isnt Who You Think It Is
The first official clip from the upcoming The Flash film has been revealed, offering fans a first look at one of the DC Extended  Universe’s most anticipated films.
There’s still lot we don’t know about the film, from how the storey will play out to who the antagonists will be; however, the latter question may have been answered in the teaser, but not in the way fans expect.
The Flash
The Flash
Two versions of Flash are shown in the trailer, and given the various indications throughout, one of them could be an evil Barry Allen. This argument is based on not just what has been shown thus far, but also ideas from comic books that could be incorporated in some form in the film, and it explains how Flash’s villain could be the same character as the film’s main hero.

The Flash Of Two Worlds

The Flash
The Flash / Supergirl
As previously said, the teaser features two different incarnations of Barry Allen, one of which has a unique wardrobe. Flash in the back is wearing a crimson version of Michael Keaton’s Batman outfit with a symbol spray-painted on it, rather than an original costume. This suggests a link between this Flash and the Batman of 1989, however, it may be sad for the Dark Knight.
It’s plausible that this version, or at least a version of him in another universe, defeated Keaton’s Batman. After that, he removed his suit and turned it into a replica of himself as a prize. As a result, his current association with the main DCEU Flash is nothing more than a charade to keep a potential foe in check by keeping him close and concealing his true motivation until the time is right.
If this is the case, the DCEU’s version of the Reverse-Flash maybe this malevolent Barry.

The Dark Multiverse And The Red Death

The Flash
Red Death

Because the film appears to be moving toward a cinematic Multiverse, parts of DC’s previous Dark Multiverse could be incorporated. The Red Death, a dark hybrid of Batman and Flash, is one of the characters from these parallel realms. That Batman had defeated Flash and absorbed his abilities, which he then used while donning Flash’s mask to help him battle crime.

The similarities between the two in terms of losing parents to crime might also bring them together, explaining why a Batman counterpart would wish to harness The Flash’s speed to fight evil. While the film is finally coming out, it is still over a year away, so maybe a fuller picture will be set out before then.

Written by Prachee Mishra