‘The Flash’ to Begin Production in 2021

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Barry Allen is set to star in his first solo DCEU venture, with filming for The Flash reportedly starting in 2021. The Flash had cameo appearances in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad, as well as a part in the ensemble for Justice League. Now, Ezra Miller’s character will finally be taking on the lead role.


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It will no doubt be interesting to explore the Flash’s background, especially his father has been framed for his mother’s murder. This hero also has an often underappreciated rogues gallery. We have the intellectual Gorilla Grodd and the maniacal Trickster (played endearingly by Mark Hamill on the CW show). Jai Courtney could even return as Captain Boomerang, having given a surprisingly good performance in Suicide Squad.


Why is ‘The Flash’ production so far out?

Variety reported that Miller’s schedule is what pushes production to 2021, as the young star still needs to finish his work on the next Fantastic Beasts instalment. In the meantime, however, fans have enough DC material to keep satiated.

Next year will give us both Birds of Prey and Wonder Woman 1984. The following year, we’ll get the much anticipated The Batman, along with Black Adam. Current scheduling also suggests that James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad will also release in 2021.

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The DCEU had a rocky start but it’s finally pulling itself together. Henry Cavill recently dispelled rumors that he’s done with Superman. Maybe fans can finally get that direct sequel to Man of Steel.

With the Flash getting his first standalone movie, there might be hope that the same goes for Ray Fisher’s Cyborg. Perhaps that Green Lantern Corps. movie is still a possibility. DC’s course correction and the history of these characters certainly prove potential.

With filming planned for 2021, it’s safe to guess that Barry Allen will be speeding his way into theatres in 2022.


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