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“The franchise needs something new now”: X-Men Star Michael Fassbender Doesn’t Want to Compete With Henry Cavill and Tom Hardy For the James Bond Role

"The franchise needs something new now": X-Men Star Michael Fassbender Doesn't Want to Compete With Henry Cavill and Tom Hardy For the James Bond Role

One of the mysteries fans of the entertainment industry are looking forward to getting the answer to is the identity of the next James Bond. Ever since Daniel Craig stepped down from the mantle, a lot of possible names have been floating around including that of Michael Fassbender who is widely popular for his role as the mutant, Erik Lehnsherr aka Magneto.

Michael Fassbender as Magneto
Michael Fassbender as Magneto

Since anything and everything is possible in Hollywood, one cannot rule out the possibility of Michael Fassbender stomping on other actors to become the next James Bond. However, the actor himself does not have any interest in playing Agent 007. While he did imagine what his Bond film would look like, he believes the franchise needs something fresh.

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Michael Fassbender Doesn’t Want to Play James Bond

Michael Fassbender
Michael Fassbender

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Michael Fassbender found his way into X-Men: First Class by auditioning for another one of Matthew Vaughn’s films. He recalled the director comparing his character to a 60s-style James Bond. Fassbender stated, “it was set in the 60s and this character, Erik, he had envisioned him as a James Bond from the past.” He joked that he saw First Class’ audition as an excuse to “do a really elaborate James Bond” as one had to worry about securing his next gig.

However, it looks like his interest in playing Bond has since faded. In a 2016 interview with GQ, Fassbender stated that he had already thought about what his James Bond film would look like.

“Well, I have thought about it a lot. The film could start off in Sandhurst and how he became a ‘double 0’. M could walk in and say to him, ‘Bond, there’s a 00 project but it’s going to be totally off the book, black ops, and you’ve got to go into prison undetected. I just love Bond. Doesn’t everyone? I grew up with him. It’s always a fun conversation to have.”

Despite the elaborate storyline, Fassbender has come up with, he is the least bit interested in playing the titular character. When asked if he would even consider the opportunity, he replied, “To be honest, no. As an acting job I think Daniel has done such a cracking job in this age group.”

When it was pointed out to him that he was, in fact, almost ten years younger than Daniel Craig, he stated, “Well look at me! I look about 50!” Given the fact that this interview was in 2016 and Fassbender was just in his late thirties at the time, we would beg to differ from his opinion!

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Who Should Be the Next James Bond?

Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig as James Bond

Everyone has an opinion on who the next Bond should be or, at least, the criteria the actor should fulfill, and so does Fassbender. The Assassin’s Creed actor stated that he believes the actor to succeed Craig should be someone in their twenties. He also name-dropped a few actors who could do justice to the role. When the interviewer suggested Ryan Gosling for the part, Fassbender was in for the idea.

“Sure, why not? I always thought Bond should be British, but let’s get an American in. Or maybe someone like Jack O’Connell would be good? Or even better, how about Jane Bond? A woman. One thing is for sure, it won’t be anyone on the bookies’ lists. It never is.”

As of now, Henry Cavill, Tom Hardy, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and a few other actors are on the list of possible James Bond actors. While the competition is tough, they at least don’t have to worry about Fassbender!

Source: GQ

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