The Game Awards 2023: Anthony Mackie Announces Twisted Metal Season 2

The twisted tale of guns and cars makes a comeback.

The Game Awards 2023: Anthony Mackie Announces Twisted Metal Season 2


  • Anthony Mackie announced the new season of Twisted Metal before announcing an award.
  • Twisted Metal will continue gearing up on dark humour and destruction.
  • The show is based on the game that originally came out in 1995.
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Hollywood celebrity Anthony Mackie made an appearance during The Game Awards 2023 to announce the award for Best Ongoing Game. Before presenting it, however, the witty and charismatic actor used a moment of silence to hype audiences for a big announcement; the upcoming season of Twisted Metal


As expected, this was followed by an uproar from the audience as this unexpected news means a lot to fans of the show, based on a video game of the same name. Anthony plays the role of John Doe in the series, as the show loosely bases its stories around Twisted Metal’s world that’s ravaged by cars, guns, and aggression. 

Anthony Mackie and Fellow Showrunners Have Expressed Gratitude to Fans

The Game Awards announcements
Anthony Mackie enthusiastically announced the return of Twisted Metal.

With quite a few chuckles and contagious energy, Anthony happily announced Twisted Metal’s Season 2. This was followed by announcing the winner for the best Ongoing Game; won by no other than Cyberpunk 2077. Kudos, CDPR team! 


The news of Twisted Metal returning to screens was a welcome surprise by fans, as Peacock continues to put faith in the twisted narrative of a show that’s based on a beloved game ,that came out during the PlayStation 1 era. There’s a lot to look forward to in the new season, and one of the showrunners has expressed sincere gratitude as well as excitement for the upcoming season.

According to TheWrap, creator Michael Jonathan Smith has expressed his gratitude in humble words:


I have to give a Sweet Tooth-sized thank you to our incredible fans — I read every comment and was so blown away by everyone’s love, support and rabid enthusiasm for a paper bag. 

Twisted Metal enjoys an overall great ranking across all platforms, and adds to the ongoing culture of movies and TV shows that are based on great video games. Hopefully, this legacy will continue to stay strong.

The Game Awards Announcement For Twisted Metal’s Season 2 Has Rekindled the 1995 Game’s Spark

Twisted Metal
The show has interesting and twisted characters, set in a dangerous world.

When the show was initially announced, there was expected criticism around adapting a game that’s essentially an arcade-esque racing title all about destruction, with little to no actual narrative substance.

However, Peacock’s superb take on the game has introduced exciting elements to how it tells a story that’s set in an apocalyptic world ridden by harsh survivors, geared-up cars, and lots of guns. Michael Jonathan Smith continued his statement regarding the show’s ongoing storyline:


We are beyond thankful we get to continue the story of John Doe, Quiet, and Sweet Tooth as they face off against familiar faces and new grim foes in the long-awaited Twisted Metal tournament.

For those of you who are yet to wrap your heads around what exactly Twisted Metal brings to the table; think about Mad Max, but in a tightly-knit narrative that focuses on tournaments and face-to-face vehicular combat. And, of course, a pinch of dark humor and immaculate performances by the likes of Anthony Mackie and Stephanie Beatriz.

The original video game came out in 1995 and was one of the earliest entries in the sub-genre of desctruction-within-an-arena racing games that are their own brawlers. While there’s no official date for Twisted Metal Season 2 yet, fans can hope to hear from the in the coming months.

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