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10 Most Likeable Characters in Ghostbusters Afterlife, Ranked

Ghostbusters: Afterlife managed to do a fantastic job by coupling the old cast with the new, fitting just suitable for all the age groups in the entire fanbase who wish to watch it – the old and the new. They even passed on the duty to save the world to the new generation,, i.e., the grandchildren of Egon Spangler. Here are the top 10 likable characters from the Ghostbuster: Afterlife

10. Gozer: The iconic villain from the original ghostbusters has returned. Gozer was, and still is, its diabolic self that isn’t very considerate or loyal towards its followers and whose only aim is to destroy our planet.

Gozer from Ghostbusters
The ultimate villain in the Ghostbusters series


9. Janine: Although Janine’s role in the movie was tiny, she still managed to make it worth those few minutes. She always supported Egon and took outstanding care of him, though platonic; they managed to come a long way!

Janine Melnitz: The Ghostbusters’ secretary


8. Dr. Raymond Stantz: Ray Stantz, mostly known for his pedantic way of explaining alien stuff, is just as one might have imagined him to be; quite arrogant. However, his character shows a change after he’s met with the news of Egon’s death.


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7. Dr. Egon Spengler: Although not much liked by people in the initial movies, this character turns out to be quite likable towards the end in Ghostbusters: Afterlife.

Dr. Egon Spengler
The father of the new generation Ghostbusters


6. Callie Spengler: The daughter, abandoned by Dr. Egon Spengler, had turned into a cold soul and made herself distant from everyone; however, she later exhibits her likable side when the mysteries of her father’s abandonment come to a revelation.

Callie Spengler
The mysterious yet lovable mother of Trevor Spengler

5. Lucky Domingo: She’s Trevor’s co-worker who is also shown as his love interest. However, towards the end, it sums up to them just having an unfinished romance. 

Lucky Domingo
The daughter of a police officer and one of the major heroes

4. Trevor Spengler: Although mainly revolving around him trying to make things work at the new place he shifted to with his mother and his sister, Trevor’s character also ends up being one of the prime members who help save the world.

Trevor Spengler
The stranger things actor plays the role of Egon’s grandson



3. Podcast: Podcast, who was Phoebe’s best friend, managed to become one of the most liked characters once the viewers noticed how friendly and helpful he was. He also supposedly had a crush on Phoebe, which is perhaps why he maintained the friendship so well; he also made sure he’s always got Phoebe’s back!

Another important character responsible for saving the world

2. Phoebe Spengler: Phoebe is seemingly one of the most liked characters, primarily because of how she manages to make friends despite her socially awkward personality. It’s not just the emotional intelligence but also the intellectual intelligence that makes the audience like her even more.

Phoebe Spengler
The shy and sweet daughter who also manages to become one of the major heroes

1. Gary Grooberson: The teacher of Podcast and Phoebe is the most loved character by everyone. Gary exhibits his intimidating side for some parts of the movie, but he returns to normal at the end. Although he is a minor hero in the film, he does manage to become one of the majorly-liked characters, not to forget, he is also played by one of the majorly like actors (i.e., Paul Rudd) in Hollywood!  

gary Gooberson
The iconic friends’ side character plays the teacher of the Ghostbusters



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