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“The ginger boy, the one with the glasses, and the girl”: Daniel Radcliffe Reveals First Day of Work on ‘Harry Potter’ Set Was Not as Glamorous For Everyone Involved

Daniel Radcliffe Reveals First Day of Work on ‘Harry Potter’ Set Was Not as Glamorous For Everyone Involved

Throughout the years, Daniel Radcliffe has built an impressive portfolio for himself, as he has worked in a wide genre of films. At this point, in his career, Radcliffe is pretty much a global icon as he has been giving outstanding performances that leave a lasting memory in the minds of the viewers. Because of his ability to work in big-budget films as well as indie films, he has become a global star and his efforts have earned him several awards such as Critics’ Choice Awards to MTV Movie Awards.

Daniel Radcliffe
Daniel Radcliffe

Some of the most popular works of the actor are in films such as Victor Frankenstein, Horns, Imperium, Escape From Pretoria, and many more. However, Daniel Radcliffe’s most iconic portrayal would be Harry Potter in the series of the same name, and a video released by the official YouTube channel of the fantasy film series shows how the first day of the iconic trio was not glamourous at all.

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Daniel Radcliffe Recalls The First Day on the Set of Harry Potter

The golden trio of the Wizarding World, Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson, reached unimaginable heights of fame. Spending most of their childhood time together on the sets of the multi-million dollar franchise, they became synonymous with their iconic roles of Harry Potter, Ron Weasely, and Hermione Granger. Today, the actors live a glamorous life, as almost everyone around the world is a fan of the fantasy series, but that was not the case when they met for the first time on the set of Harry Potter.

Fandomwire Video
The Golden Trio of Harry Potter
The Golden Trio of Harry Potter

The official YouTube channel of Harry Potter shared a behind-the-scenes video where the young cast members met for the very first time. In the video, the golden trio shared their experience when they were decided to cast in the film. The Horns actor shared that when they were photographed by Terry O’Neill he was calling them with their characteristics as he did not know their name.

“I remember very little about it. I remember Terry O’Neill, I believe was the photographer who took the photo of us. And he continually referred to us as the ginger boy, the one with glasses, and the girl. ‘Cause, of course, nobody knew our names then.”

images 2.jpeg 4
The main cast of Harry Potter

The video also featured a young Rupert Grint and Emma Watson sharing that when they were brought to David Heyman’s office. They thought that they were going to give another audition, but when they were informed that they were selected to play their iconic roles, they were dumbfounded, until they realized that it was real.

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Daniel Radcliffe’s Good Looks Makes His Fan Lose Consciousness

The massive success of the Harry Potter franchise made Daniel Radcliffe a global star and a celebrity crush for many girls when the film captured his menacingly good looks. The December Boys actor was well aware of it and the impact he had on his female fans, this had led him to some hilarious moments, particularly one where he made one of his young fans faint with excitement.

Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter
Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter

When Radcliffe was a guest on The Jonathan Ross Showhe shared an incident where he was present at a school for a promotion event. He continued that when he brushed past a young schoolgirl, he immediately apologized to her, but that was too much for her as she fainted from the brief interaction.

“I was visiting a Japanese school for a publicity thing … and I literally brushed a young girl [on the arm] while I was walking past her and I said, ‘Oh, I’m so sorry.’ And boom! Fainted. I had brushed her and spoken to her and [it] was too much. And she fainted.”

“And, you know, you gotta enjoy that stuff because that doesn’t last forever, like when you have a moment like that, you’ve got to take in how cool and weird it is.”

While the actor is devilishly handsome, he is also a humble personality, and his potential as an actor in the movie industry is never questioned as he takes on interesting roles, that showcase his wide range as an actor.

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Source: Harry Potter YT Channel

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