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“The god of destruction has spoken”: Michael Bay Yet Again Divides Fans With His AI Debate, Claims Only ‘Lazy’ People Need to Worry

Michael Bay invites controversy after making comments about original creator should not be afraid of AI

michael bay yet again divides fans with his ai debate, claims only ‘lazy’ people need to worry


  • Michael Bay is known for his iconic auteur of destroying everything in sight and also his extensive use of dolly zooms
  • Recently, the director made a remark about how AI is not a threat to original creators and it invited flack
  • Michael Bay is infamous for using old footage and shots in his movies, and fans have called him out for the same

Michael Bay has a history of splitting the internet. The Megan Fox controversy failed to die down. Even when the storm was raging, his penchant for over-sexualizing women did not come to an end. And he has stoked controversy yet again. But this time it is because of something else. This time around – it actually has something to do with filmmaking. Fans were quick to jump at Michael Bay’s criticism of AI. 

Michael Bay is not one for AI

Michael Bay
Michael Bay doesn’t support the use of AI

Michael Bay has always been outspoken in his criticism of AI. For the Transformers director, cinema should be pure. It should be unadulterated. And AI stands for everything opposite to that. He said (via Instagram), 

“Speaking about A.I. – it doesn’t CREATE it just IMITATES. And will create a whole bunch of lazy people. So to all the Original Creators out there, have No Fear!”  

The topic has already undergone extensive discussion, with a host of viewers jumping on the 58-year-old’s side.

But some were quick to point out the hypocrisy of the advocate of original content. 

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Michael Bay is a serial offender when it comes to reusing old scenes

Michael Bay
Michael Bay had a history of reusing old footage

Michael Bay movies are (more often than not) all about action. You can’t imagine a Bay movie without CGI, can you? It is a ritual as old as time. What possible way could there have been to recreate a destroyed Chicago in Transformers: Dark of the Moon? But there is another aspect of his filmmaking that is peculiar to a Bay movie – reusing old footage. 

Michael Bay is no stranger to reusing old movie scenes. He recycled a car chase sequence from his 2005 release The Island in Transformers: Dark of the Moon. The trend doesn’t stop there as he also used the aircraft carrier scene in Pearl Harbor in Transformers. 


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Michael Bay finds himself on the wrong side of the “Original creator” debate

Michael Bay
Not that original

Michael Bay’s history of cutting corners is no secret. And it is only natural that when a man of his reputation comments about originality, it is bound to turn a few heads. 

Seems like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles director has raised quite the storm yet again.

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