“DRAKE I DONT FW YOU”: The God of War Himself Adds to Drake’s Woes in Kendrick Lamar-esque Takedown after Fake Instagram Story Draws his Attention

Kratos gets involved in beef between Drake and Kendrick.

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  • A fake post has Kratos himself getting involved in the Drake v Kendrick beef.
  • The post showed Drake reacting to a God of War scene.
  • A Kratos X page then responded taking a very clear side.
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The Drake and Kendrick beef took a fun turn yesterday when everyone’s favorite God of War weighed in. Drake has a lot to worry about these days, so a call out from the Ghost of Sparta himself is the last thing he needs.


A series of fake reaction posts have come out on Twitter/X, and the most recent involves Kratos’ iconic speech from God of War 3.

The Fires Were Stoked When The Ghost of Sparta Weighed In

The fake tweet caught the ire of the Ghost of Sparta and he unleashed his rage at Drake. 
The fake tweet caught the ire of the Ghost of Sparta and he unleashed his rage at Drake.

In a post from Radec on Twitter/X, the popular rapper is shown watching in concern as Kratos pontificates to his father Zeus about his journey to reach him and his forthcoming revenge.


The sharing of this meme in relation to the ongoing beef is obvious, and over the past month, fans believe it has become increasingly clear who the victor is going to be.

The fake reaction tweet is like others that have been going around lately, such as the fake Pickle Rick-related Instagram story. The image that went viral showed an edited Instagram reel from Drake’s account comparing his opponent to Pickle Rick, a funny yet nonsensical comparison to Rick and Morty from years ago.


However, the fact that many of these posts require one to double and triple-check their authenticity shows how convincing they are. When it comes to the beef between these two rappers, you will want to verify your sources before saying anything regrettable.

Since this all started, Lamar has released some full-on diss tracks, most recently, Not Like Us, which is full of various call-outs and is a pretty brutal listen. It can help shed some light on the nature of the beef, but plays fairly far down on the timeline of events that started to pick up in April.


Who Would Win in a Fight, Kratos or Drake?

Drake might be good on the mic but he's not beating Kratos
He might be good on the mic, but he’s not beating this Spartan.

Let’s get one thing straight: even if you don’t know much about the two musicians in this particular beef, if Kratos were to fight Drake, the iconic Spartan would undoubtedly come out on top every time.

Time and again, we’ve seen him achieve victory over seemingly insurmountable odds when he tore through the Greek Pantheon in the third game or when he gave Odin the what for in Ragnarok.

While this may seem like an odd question to be asking in the midst of this feud, the comments on Radec’s post are an entertaining read and it’s fun seeing a fictional video game character get involved in this beef.


It makes everything going on in the world feel a bit better to see people still happily having fun while the rapper’s world seemingly crashes around him. But what do you think? Who is going to come out on top of this historic feud? Let us know in the comments below!


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