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The Goonies Star Corey Feldman on Whether WB Should Go For a Remake: “Let’s Hope Not”

Recently actor Corey Feldman who starred in the 1985 classic The Goonies shared his thoughts on any possible remake of the movie. According to the star who played the role of Clark Devereaux, he is doubtful about the quality of the remake. Even though he stated that if the sequel is made like the impressive ventures such as Top Gun: Maverick, then it can be good but he doesn’t have any hopes for a remake of this movie. Instead, he thinks that a remake will destroy the essence of the original movie.

Goonies sequel will not be as good as the original
The Goonies

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There should not be any remake of The Goonies

The Goonies is based on a story written by Steven Spielberg centering around a group of kids who goes on a quest for the treasure of One-Eyed Willy, a pirate. Recently when Corey Feldman appeared in an interview, he was too quick to deny his wish for a remake:

“Let’s hope not,” Feldman said. “Those remakes, they ruin everything.”

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1985 American adventure comedy film: The Goonies

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Further, the actor added that although he doesn’t support the idea of a remake he can agree to a sequel only if they are made like Top Gun: Maverick and not Goosebumps:

“You mean a sequel? You don’t want a remake, because that’s what they did with Ghostbusters with the girls. No, no, no,” Feldman continued. “You want like a Top Gun sequel, right? They did it right with Top Gun.”

There are many complaints that sequels of classics don’t live up to the hype but in recent times, Top Gun: Maverick starring Tom Cruise proved to be an amazing sequel for a cult classic. It set a perfect example that if well executed, even a classic can have a spectacular sequel. Not only that but even Prey turned out to be an amazing hit and did proper justice to the franchise so it can be hoped that if another part of The Goonies is made, then it can also prove to be as good as these sequels.

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Is a Goonies sequel in making?

Corey Feldman thinks Goonies remake should not be made
Corey Feldman

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As of now, there have been no updates around a Goonies sequel or remake, but a brand new Disney+ series Our Time will follow the story of three filmmakers who will try to recreate Goonies.

When Corey Feldman was asked bout any potential plans, he answered that it is tough now as Director Richard Donner passed away last year:

“Unfortunately, the head Goonie, Richard Donner, passed away last year, sadly,” Feldman said. “Which makes [a sequel with the original cast] a lot harder to happen.”

So according to the reports and statements, it is clear that there is no plan regarding the Goonies yet but it can be hoped that if it is made sometime in the future, it will make the modern children feel the essence of the movie and turn out to be an amazing continuation to the story.

The Goonies can be streamed on HBO Max

Source: ComicBook

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