The Gray Man Stars Chris Evans, Ryan Gosling Prove They Have a Heart of Gold, Go on Date That Raises Whopping $270K for Affordable Housing for Cancer Victims


While The Gray Man on Netflix saw actors Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling and their characters in a tussle, the reality is a whole lot different. What else could be better than to go on a date together, while simultaneously raising money for a good cause? The two actors were recently seen raising money for a raffle-based fundraiser during the film’s red carpet event, which has garnered over $270K to support accommodation for children with cancer. The two actors are truly altruistic.

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The Support For Non-profit Organization “Christopher’s Haven”

Chris Evans Supporting Christopher's Haven
Chris Evans Supporting Christopher’s Haven

Chris Evans has been a long-time supporter of the charity organization, Christopher’s Haven. Found in 2001, the Boston-based nonprofit organization has been known as the abode to children and families who require accommodation, while battling cancer. On their website it is mentioned that the entire organization is privately funded through a system of donations, raising money to support “temporary, low-cost housing for pediatric cancer patients and their families.”

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The Gray Man Actors Joined Hands With Omaze

Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans
Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans teamed up with Omaze and Christopher’s Haven

Teaming up with Omaze and Christopher’s Haven, Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans participated in a red-carpet fundraiser, where people who were interested to win a VIP flight to the premiere of The Gray Man, were urged to put their names into a raffle, by making donations to Christopher’s Haven through the fundraising platform, Omaze. By advocating for charity, the two actors showed their wholehearted support for the noble cause. Along with the free flight tickets, the winner also received an expenses-paid magnificent stay at a four-star hotel. The winner also got the opportunity to join Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling at a date on the red carpet premiere of Netflix’s The Gray Man. 

According to TMZ, the winner of the raffle was a woman and her child from Columbus, Ohio, named Lula H. and Maria, respectively.


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A Successful Fundraiser

the Gray Man Premiere
The cast of The Gray Man at Netflix’s Los Angeles Premiere

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According to Christopher Haven’s executive director, the fundraiser has been extremely successful, especially with the help of the two actors and their immense support. This is what Joyce Duvall, executive director of the charitable organization had to say:

“This has been our third very successful fundraiser with our longtime supporter, Chris Evans The continued support from partners like them has been invaluable to our organization.”

The executive director also emphasized how the never-ending help from “partners like Chris Evans, Omaze, and our new friend, Ryan Gosling,” assists the nonprofit organization to continue doing what they do. To put the impact of the charity into context, the exact figures of the money donated mounted up to a spectacular $276,444.


The Gray Man is set for a sequel soon. You can stream the first installment exclusively on Netflix, which was released on July 22nd, 2022.

Source: The Richest and TMZ


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