The Great Purge: Every Notable Mandalorian Who Survived

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After successfully evading most of the overused Star Wars tropes in its first season, the second season of The Mandalorian has dived straight into the much larger world of the franchise. From introducing the Jedi to the controversial midi-chloriansThe Mandalorian has left long time fans of Star Wars amazed in its second season. However, if anything that unites both the seasons is often forgotten, yet one of the most important arcs of Star Wars: The Great Purge.


While the movies have never really paid much attention to the Mandalorians, let alone the Great Purge, The Mandalorian has made it canon with its repeated references to the macabre event. Like the sinister Order 66, the Great Purge was a genocide carried out by the Galactic Empire against the Mandalorians that wiped out nearly most of the population. Deemed to be uncontrollable, the Empire decided to massacre most of the Mandalorians, and collected their precious Beskar for their own purposes. However, a few survived and made their way out of Mandalore. How many of them survived? Let’s find out!


8. Koska Reeves

The Great Purge Survivor Koska Reeves

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Portrayed by WWE star Sasha Banks, Koska Reeves is a loyal follower of Bo-Katan Kryze and a member of the Nite Owls, an elite Mandalorian unit composed of only female warriors. Though nothing much is known about her, Koska Reeves is an accomplished fighter and a ruthless warrior, as seen in The Heiress.


7. Axe Woves

The Great Purge Survivor Axe Woves

Another loyalist of Bo-Katan Kryze, Axe Woves made his appearance alongside Bo-Katan and Koska Reeves. As a new character created for the show, Woves’ background is yet to be revealed. Though not a member of the Nite Owls, Axe Woves is also a fearsome warrior who survived the Great Purge.

6. The Armorer

The Great Purge Survivor The Armorer


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A mysterious character, the Armorer was introduced back in the first season as the leader of the Tribe. A staunch believer in the ancient ways of the Mandalore, the Armorer is a zealot who believes that a Mandalorian must never take off his/her helmet in front of anyone. An extremely knowledgable character, the Armorer was correctly able to guess the Child’s affiliation with the Jedi. A collector of Beskar, the Armorer’s vast experience, and strong belief make her a formidable warrior.

5. Paz Vizsla

The Great Purge Survivor Paz Viszla


Having escaped the Great Purge, Paz Vizsla has deep-rooted hatred for the Galactic Empire. The event left such a lasting impact on him that he takes up arms against Din Djarin/Mando since he made a deal with an officer of the Empire. Wielding a heavy blaster cannon, Paz Vizsla is a lethal warrior who can engage multiple enemies with ease. Despite his skirmish with Mando, he still helped Mando to escape from Nevarro.

4. Bo-Katan Kryze

The Great Purge Survivor Bo-Katan Kryze

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The rightful heir to the throne of Mandalore, Bo-Katan Kryze is an important character from Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Having witnessed the Great Purge herself, Bo-Katan lost a great many friends, and also the famed Darksaber during the event. Having returned to claim the Darksaber for herself so she can reunite and rule the Mandalorians on Mandalore, Bo-Katan Kryze has a much bigger role to play in the future.

3. Sabine Wren

Though she is yet to make her appearance, Sabine Wren managed to survive the Great Purge. As one of the main characters of Star Wars: Rebels, Sabine Wren’s survival was confirmed when she appeared after the Battle of Jakku. Before Bo-Katan Kryze, Sabine Wren wielded the Darksaber. However, she passed on the weapon to Bo-Katan sensing that she was a much more able leader than her. With the Empire almost wiped out, Sabine Wren will hopefully make her appearance soon.


2. Din Djarin

The protagonist of the show, Din Djarin was taught the ways of the Mandalorian and inducted into the Tribe at a young age. As a result, Din Djarin also believes in the radical philosophy of the Tribe. As one of the best bounty hunters in the galaxy far, far away, Din Djarin’s decision to protect the Child has put him in Moff Gideon’s crosshairs. Having been rescued by the Mandalorians when he was a child, it is unclear how Din Djarin escaped the Great Purge.

1. Boba Fett

The Great Purge Survivor Boba Fett


Arguably one of the most famous Star Wars characters, Boba Fett has amassed a cult following over the decades. Believed to be dead after falling into a Sarlacc pit, the character made his surprising return in The Mandalorian. Interestingly, despite being one of the most famous Mandalorians, Boba Fett is different from Din Djarin when it comes to their upbringing. However, despite being a Mandalorian, it is possible that the Empire did not hunt him down during the Great Purge for his services to Darth Vader and other members of the Empire.


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