The GTA 6 Trailer Has Been Reimagined As a PS1 Title, With Fans Hilariously Comparing it to a Nintendo Switch Port

A fan version of the GTA 6 re-imagines the stunning trailer from the PS1 era, with massively downgraded graphics.

The GTA 6 Trailer Has Been Reimagined As a PS1 Title, With Fans Hilariously Comparing it to a Nintendo Switch Port


  • Rockstar Games' GTA 6 trailer has been recreated by a fan with awfully downgraded graphics, re-imagining the game from the PS1 era.
  • The recreated trailer looks bad but hilarious enough that fans have liked it and shared it on multiple social media websites already.
  • Fans were also quick to parody Switch for no reason using the trailer, stating that's the closest it could look like if a Switch port was made.
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Rockstar Games released the first trailer for GTA 6 last week, and the excitement in the gaming community hasn’t yet died down. Fans have been decoding the trailer, creating artwork for the box set and the Rockstar Launcher, including the new title’s theme in every possible way. The first trailer has proven just how far along the franchise has come, both in graphics and gameplay.

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By the time the next title comes out in 2025, it will already be 12 years since the last title GTA 5, was released, and the first trailer proves the wait was well worth it with the generational leap in terms of visuals. That hasn’t stopped fans from recreating the trailer in retro style, resulting in some hilarious outcomes.


GTA 6 Trailer Re-imagined with PlayStation 1 Graphics

The amazing visuals seen in GTA 6 just got drastically downgraded in this fan's version.
The amazing visuals seen in GTA 6 just got drastically downgraded in this fan’s version.

The first PlayStation debuted back in 1994 and games were quite impressive for that generation. Over the years some classic titles were made for the console including the first Gran Turismo and Metal Gear Solid which were both highly popular. Games have taken a generational leap since then and modern games like Cyberpunk 2077 push the graphics levels beyond what was normally seen in games.

So, when a YouTuber recreated the recently released GTA 6 in PlayStation 1 (PS1) graphics, the outcome was as hilarious as expected. YouTuber Jushton recreated the GTA 6 trailer, and fans loved it and mentioned how it was a funny, nostalgic, and even a downright masterpiece. The first two Grand Theft Auto titles both featured a top-down gameplay style but GTA 3 took it to another level completely with a brilliant third-person gameplay.


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The recreated trailer is just 20 seconds long and starts with a female character in jail just as it was shown off in the original character. The complete setting of the city was as minimalist as possible with a bare minimum of vehicles and buildings being used. The characters reminded fans of the Tomb Raider game from the ’90s and even featured several vehicles taking it back to 3D universe GTA games.


The NPCs in the trailer were also mostly fixed in places most of the time. At one point towards the end of the trailer, a character on a jet ski can be seen with an uncanny resemblance to Vaas Montenegro from Far Cry 3. Following that another NPC by the sidewalk can be seen standing like a character from the game, Human Fall Flat. The short trailer ended with two characters greeting each other which was a direct recreation of a shot shown in the actual GTA 6 trailer.

Downgraded Graphics Leads to Nintendo Switch Comparison

There's a high chance GTA 6 might look a lot better than what was shown in the trailer.
There’s a high chance GTA 6 might look a lot better than what was shown in the trailer.

That downgraded GTA 6 trailer led to a comparison to games that get a Nintendo Switch port. Recently, the Switch port of Mortal Kombat 1 was all over the news for looking terrible. The characters, finishers, and almost everything about the game looked highly downgraded in comparison to the actual game. Hence, when the remade GTA 6 trailer with PS1 graphics some fans were quick to share it as a Nintendo Switch port of the next GTA title.


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This X user was one of the fans to share the video which has so far received over 5 million views and over 500 comments. Among the funniest replies to the post on X, one user replied saying it “Literally looks the same as PS5“, while another user replied, “I might be able to hit 60 fps on my computer with this version!“. The video was shared on Reddit as well, where one user commented and took another dig at the Switch saying, “This gonna look 🔥 on my OLED Switch!“.


In all seriousness, the GTA 6 trailer has left the entire gaming community awestruck with the amount of details that was showcased. There were easter eggs all over the trailer from the locations to the vehicles from the past titles making a comeback. There were a lot of NPCs as well, which looked to have doubled in numbers compared to GTA 5.

The game is also bringing a female protagonist for the first time in the franchise, named Lucia along with a male counterpart named Jason. Both the protagonists looked amazing in the trailer. GTA 6 is scheduled for a 2025 release which means there will be a plethora of updates and news throughout next year.


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