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“The guy’s had leukemia four f*cking times”: Aquaman Star Jason Momoa Is Scared for His Friend Travis Snyder’s Life, Asks His Fans For Support

"The guy's had leukemia four f*cking times": Aquaman Star Jason Momoa Is Scared for His Friend Travis Snyder's Life, Asks His Fans For Support

Jason Momoa is an American actor who gained public attention by playing Khal Drogo in the HBO TV series Game of Thrones. Momoa is also well known for playing the role of Aquaman in the DCU. His gigantic physique and good innocent heart are some of his trademark characters that fans love. Unlike his character Khal Drogo who was quiet and violent, Momo possesses a jolly and friendly nature. The actor is well known for his open and welcoming attitude which is surely admired by his fans. Recently, Momoa took to Instagram to request something from his fans.

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Jason Momoa
Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa Requests Fans To Support His Friend

Aquaman star shared an Instagram post in which he can be seen coming from visiting his friend, Travis Snyder from the hospital. Momoa explained the situation to the viewers that his friend had leukemia four times, he even overcame his fight with COVID, but is currently struggling with RSV and pneumonia. Momoa added that the situation of his friend is critical as he faces severe difficulty in breathing. Momoa asked his fans to send “all the mana, all the aloha, all the love” to his buddy.

“The guy’s had leukemia four f*cking times. He beat it. And he just got COVID for the first time, and he beat it. And now he’s got RSV and pneumonia, and he needs all the love and all the support he can get. So, if you can, it would be amazing, and it would be a big honor and favor to me if you could just pump him up. He’s doing really well. He’s beating the cancer, but these fucking other things are just getting his ass. It’s hard for him to breathe.”

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Travis Snyder and Jason Momoa
Travis Snyder and Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa & Travis Snyder’s Friendship 

In an effort to get more donors for the national Be the Match Registry. Momo and Snyder tried to encourage the public to come ahead and make life-saving donations. During one interview, Snyder opened up about the friendship that he shared with Momoa. 

“We met through happenstance and mutual friends after my first cancer battle in 2015. I think in the aftermath of treatment, I was very focused on living every day with purpose and my heart was open. And Jason wasn’t quite as busy then, and he lives with such a big giving heart and Aloha, we just connected instantly. Some of my friends kind of shrink when you’re in trouble, or it becomes kind of surface-y. And Jay was just right there again.”

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Jason Momoa as Aquaman
Jason Momoa as Aquaman

Jason Momoa too shared that it was his first experience with leukemia through his friend. The Game of Thrones actor added that he wanted to help his friend in whatever way possible but felt helpless seeing him struggling to live. Now that Snyder’s health condition is depleting, it is only natural for Momoa to worry about his beloved friend. The concern for his friend was clearly reflected in Momoa’s voice who is constantly praying for his friend’s well-being. 

Source: Instagram and People

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