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The Health And Diet Practices Of These 15 Celebrities Will Leave You Shocked

You see them walking super fit on runways and chase villains in movies with great ease. However, the secret to their health might surprise you. The health and diet practices that they’ve been following for ages are totally unusual.
Take a look at the diet practices of 15 celebrities that no ordinary person would usually follow

1. It takes Jennifer Aniston just one potato chip to fight her stress. Just one.

2. Kendall Jenner’s intake of detox tea is unbelievable. She drinks a total of 12 cups of detox tea in a day. She starts off her day by having one cup and fits the other 11 cups somewhere in the day.

3. Kate Hudson says she follows a high-alkaline diet. Basically, 60-80% of her total daily calorie intake comes from eating different kinds of fruits, vegetables, tofu, and nuts.

4. Cardi B has a recipe for a hair mask in which she adds raw eggs, bananas, and argan oil. Not only this, but she also puts a bit of mayo and avocado in it.

5. Naomi Campbell has been disinfecting everything around her every time she’s on an airplane long before the pandemic happened. She’s been carrying gloves and cleaning things around her with a pack of Dettol wipes since forever.

6. While meditating, Olivia Munn uses a particular app that needs her to connect with a headband. This headband monitors her brain waves and even helps her calm down.

7. Drew Barrymore’s backyard is full of home-grown aloe vera plants. Whenever her face gets red, itchy, or inflamed, she just puts a small chunk of aloe plant on her skin and then leaves it there for several hours.

8. Shailene Woodley never uses microwaves because of her grandma’s advice. Woodley’s grandma is a major naturopath who told her that microwaves aren’t great for her when she was 14. Since then she hasn’t microwaved any of her food.

9. Steve Jobs used to eat just one specific food for several weeks at a time. For instance, he would eat carrot salad with lemon for a week and after some time he’d suddenly stop eating that.

10. While doing promotions on reality shows, Mariah Carey says she eats only two kinds of foods. Norwegian salmon and capers.

11. Morrissey claims that he doesn’t any food that is rich in flavor. He only eats high-carb food like potatoes, pasta, and nuts. He even refrains from garlic and curry.

12. Overhead lightings make Mariah Carey very furious. She calls it outright “abusive.” Even in her NYC apartment, she only has candles, chandeliers, and recessed lighting. She claims that she would never install overhead lighting in her house.

13. Out of the many diet practices that she follows, Vanessa Hudgens never eats lunch. “I eat two bigger meals a day instead of three,” she says. She prefers eating only breakfast and dinner in a day.

14. Tom Brady believes that keeping himself hydrated will protect him from sunburns. He drinks purified water with specific electrolytes every morning. This apparently keeps him from getting sunburned despite long exposures to the sun.

15. Twitter founder Jack Dorsey is that all kinds of foods that are purple in color are super healthy. He’s however, hates eating eggplant.

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