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“The Hollywood fairy tale continues”: Ryan Reynolds Being Called Real Life Ted Lasso for Leading Wrexham AFC into Beating Coventry, Reach FA Cup 4th Round

"The Hollywood fairy tale continues": Ryan Reynolds Being Called Real Life Ted Lasso for Leading Wrexham AFC into Beating Coventry, Reach FA Cup 4th Round

The recent soccer leagues have been fantastic for the underdogs, including the 2022-23 FA Cup. Wrexham FC, a Welsh soccer cup that is owned by Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, simply backs the previous statement. The club’s recent match in the league might have just caused the thrill factor to increase by a notch.

Wrexham FC vs Coventry City
Wrexham FC vs Coventry City

The club’s fate seems to have been turned around ever since the duo joined the team as the new owners. Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney bought the fifth-tier club in November 2020 for $2.5 million and the deal was later finalized on February 09, 2021. Since, then, the victory against Coventry City has got to be the biggest win for the club yet.

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Ryan Reynolds’ Wrexham FC Kicks Coventry City Out

Ryan Reynold Wrexham FC
Wrexham FC wins by a 4-3 lead

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In a huge win against Coventry City, Wrexham FC proved that they are in the league to stay. In the third round of the tournament, the Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney-owned club beat Championship side Coventry City with a 4-3 lead win. The co-owners could be called Ted Lasso as they have certainly turned things around for the club, just like in the Jason Sudeikis-starrer.

Players Paul Mullin, Thomas O’Connor, Elliot Lee, and Sam Dalby managed to score their goals just in time to make sure that Wrexham FC moves upwards and onwards to the fourth round. While Coventry City sits three leagues above the visitors, Wrexham FC’s shocking win proved that anything is possible on the field and that the Welsh club is all ready to turn its fortune around.

Wrexham FC scored a 2-0 lead against the home team thanks to Dalby and Lee’s goals. Coventry City did respond with three goals from their side thanks to players Ben Shead, Viktor Gyokeres, and Kasey Palmer. However, their efforts didn’t yield the fruits of victory as at the final whistle, Wrexham FC was just one goal above the home team. Looks like the Reynolds and McElhenney-owned club made sure that there will be some non-league representation in the fourth round of the FA Cup.

The draw for the fourth round will be on Sunday and Wrexham FC could be seen facing off against Leicester City, Reading, and Tottenham Hotspur.

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Reactions From the Owner

Wrexham wins against Coventry City
Wrexham AFC fans cheer on the underdog team

While fans of the club were over the moon to see Wrexham FC move onto the next round, the happiness of co-owners Reynolds and McElhenney had to be way, way more. When their club had a lead of 2-0, Reynolds posted a story on his Instagram where he stated, “What. The. F**k. Is. Happening?” Even he couldn’t believe his eyes!

Ryan Reynolds' Instagram story
Ryan Reynolds’ Instagram story

Post the win, both Reynolds and McElhenney had nothing but praise for their club as both of them took to Twitter to express their happiness.

Thanks to the co-owners’ leadership, Wrexham FC has more and more adventures to tackle and emerge victorious! Don’t forget, this is Wrexham FC’s first time in the fourth round since 2000. We are sure the club will go on to have way bigger wins than this.

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