The Ideal Actor Fit to Play the Live Action Kahhori is Already a Part of the MCU

This actress has more than one reasons why she is the perfect choice for Kahhori.

The Ideal Actor Fit to Play the Live Action Kahhori is Already a Part of the MCU


  • The most ideal choice to play the iconic character of Kahhori in live-action would be none other than Devery Jacobs.
  • Her commendable performance as Kahhori's voice-over actor and her sharing the same tribe as the character are some of the top-reasons why Jacobs is perfect for the role.
  • As for the live-action project, Avengers: Secret Wars could be the best option for Kahhori to make her debut.
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For the first time in its history, the Marvel Cinematic Universe brought forward an original character. It directly made a big screen debut before even appearing in the comics like every other character, and fans have been going crazy about her ever since.


Named Kahhori, the character introduced in What If…? season 2 has been so loved by fans that they wish to see her in live-action as well.

Kahhori in What If...? Season 2
Kahhori in What If…? Season 2

Assuming she does make her way to live-action brings forth one major question: who could be the ideal choice to play the character in real life? Well, if you ask us, the most perfect actress for the role is already a part of the MCU, considering how she was the one to voice the character in the series!


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Kahhori’s Voice Actress Could Portray Her Most Perfectly In Live-Action

Devery Jacobs (@deveryjacobs | Instagram)
Devery Jacobs (@deveryjacobs | Instagram)

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Though there are numerous other choices, the most accurate casting we can think of who could bring the recently-made fan-favorite character of Kahhori to life is none other than the character’s voice actor for What If…? and Bonnie’s portrayer in the upcoming series Echo, Devery Jacobs.


Hear us out: first of all, Jacobs was widely commended by fans and critics alike for her remarkable voiceover for the newly introduced character in the sixth episode of the second season of What If…? titled, What If… Kahhori Reshaped the World?

Moreover, for an indigenous superhero like her belonging to the Mohawk community, who could be a better option than someone who shares the same tribe? This also makes Jacobs the most perfect choice since she herself is a Canadian-Mohawk actress.

Then there is the personality of the very first original character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which could be the very field Jacobs could excel in by completely imbuing her personality, judging how she is well-versed with her culture as well.


Thus, it is because of all these reasons that we believe Devery Jacobs could be the most ideal choice for Marvel if they indeed wish to bring the fan-favorite character from What If…? to life in a possible future live-action project.

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The Best Option To Bring Live-Action Kahhori To The Big Screen


Although it hasn’t even been confirmed by the Marvel Cinematic Universe if Kahhori will return to the big screen or not, if she indeed does, then she could just have the brightest future possible in front of her.


For a Mohawk indigenous superhero who got her superhuman abilities from the Tesseract in a similar way to Captain Marvel, the character could spring back to the big screen and make her live-action debut in Phase Six of the Multiverse Saga of the MCU.

To pick a specific project for the same, Avengers: Secret Wars could be the most proper option. Not only would this allow her to come in from a different universe like many other characters expected in the 2027 scheduled film, but it could also allow her to showcase her powers to the fullest.

Considering the epic fan reaction that Kahhori has gotten after appearing in What If…? season 2, now would be the most perfect choice for the MCU to take advantage of this popularity and highlight the character as much as possible to continue to keep fans interested in its upcoming projects.


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