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The Insider Who Leaked the Silent Hill 2 Remake Says That Another Classic Horror Game Remake is on the Way

Over the past few years, horror games have been getting a lot of attention from the gaming community as many more gamers are enjoying new and old horror games that have been released, but what does that mean for some of the ancient horror games? Well, according to Dusk Golem, a well-known leaker who has leaked that there will be a a classic horror game remake in the future.

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What information regarding this ‘classic horror game remake’ has been leaked by Dusk Golem?

The Insider Who Leaked The Silent Hill 2 Remake Says That Another Classic Horror Game Remake Is On The Way

So far, there isn’t a lot of information that has been leaked by Dusk Golem besides the fact that there is currently a horror game being remade and is looking towards a 2026 release window. Still, for now, they have been quite shady with revealing much about what the game being remade is, what platform it was originally on or what platforms it will be on in the future.

At the moment, the only information in regards to what the classic horror game remake actually is had Dusk Golem mentioning that they would have loved for Haunting Grounds to be the title that is being remade, but unfortunately, that is not the case. Due to this information, many gamers are trying to figure out what past horror game could be deserving of a remake that would have many fans clawing for such a remake, so far Dusk Golem has only stated that the remake has got them rather excited for its release whenever that shall be.

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What theories have gamers came up with for this future remake?

The Insider Who Leaked The Silent Hill 2 Remake Says That Another Classic Horror Game Remake Is On The Way

Over the years, there have been many fantastic horror games that deserve a remake, and it would be impossible to list them here. Still, many gamers have been looking into some of the games they think would deserve a remake in the future that could be possible, and have a rather large cult following, giving them plenty of reasons to be remade for the current generation of gamers to give them a try.

After Dusk Golems’ announcement of a horror game being remade, many gamers have been looking into games that are soon to have things like anniversaries or have recently had similar games that have been developed by developers, this has led some to believe that there could be a Siren remake in the future as this year is the 20th anniversary of Siren’s release on the PlayStation 2, but this wouldn’t fit in with the timeline of the 2026 release date especially since some information regarding a release of a Siren remake has been announced.


There have even been theories that there could be a Dino Crisis remake in the near future as Capcom has recently released Exoprimal, which is chock full of Dinosaurs, whilst also having access to better stealth concepts from Resident Evil 4. This could lead to a future remake of the rather popular Dino Crisis title.

What do you think about these leaks? Will you be keeping an eye out for this future remake to be announced? Let us know in the comments what you think!

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