“The Jedi are BAD Confirmed”: The Acolyte Episode 7 Unleashes the Biggest Star Wars Debate With One Move That Contradicts What George Lucas Said About the Jedi

The Acolyte continues to be controversial among Star Wars fans with the seventh episode showing the Jedi in a bad light.

The Acolyte


  • The seventh episode of The Acolyte explores the events on Brendok from the perspective of the Jedi, especially Sol.
  • However, Sol's selfish actions in the episode are a fry cry from the Jedi we know through George Lucas' films, causing a fan debate.
  • George Lucas himself called the Jedi the most moral people in the galaxy, with The Acolyte contradicting his vision.
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This article contains spoilers for The Acolyte episode 7.

The Acolyte has been one of the most polarizing entries in the Star Wars franchise, particularly because of its take on some of the existing concepts and themes. However, the seventh episode sparked what is arguably the biggest debate regarding the franchise’s primary heroes, the Jedi.

A still from The Acolyte showing Dafne Keen in action
The Acolyte divided fans by showing Jedi in a bad light (Credit: Lucasfilm).

After the seventh episode, fans started debating about the morality of the Jedi. Some fans noticed how the show’s depiction of the Jedi in the episode was in direct contradiction to what franchise creator George Lucas had said in the past. Here is what fans are saying about the Jedi morality after The Acolyte episode 7.

The Acolyte Episode 7 Has Fans Debating About the Jedi’s Morals After Sol’s Move

The seventh episode of The Acolyte is a retelling of the events on Brendok that led to the demise of Osha and Mae’s witch coven. However, the episode is presented from the perspective of the Jedi, mainly Sol, who makes some questionable choices in the episode.

Sol’s actions in The Acolyte portray the Jedi as evil (Credit: Lucasfilm).

In the episode, Sol goes to great lengths to recruit Osha as his Jedi padawan, forming an emotional connection with her in the process. Moreover, Sol is motivated by his personal interest to obtain a padawan, and despite Indara’s insistence, views the witches as malevolent.

Ultimately, Sol’s self-interest leads to him killing Mother Aniseya, portraying him and the Jedi in an overall poor light. As a result, fans started debating whether the episode’s depiction of the Jedi was a major deviation from what creator George Lucas envisioned them to be.

On X (formerly Twitter), fans argued about the episode’s events, particularly, Sol acting out of self-interest, even though the Jedi aren’t supposed to have any emotional bonds. Fans pointed out the various atrocities the Sith had committed across the franchise’s history, denying the notion that Sol’s actions made the Jedi the bad guys.


The Acolyte Episode 7 Contradicts What George Lucas Said About the Jedi

During the online debate, some fans also defended the Jedi, arguing that Mother Aniseya’s corporeal form was enough to make Sol act against her. However, it can also be argued that Sol should have sensed her intentions through the Force.

george lucas amc
George Lucas called the Jedi the most moral in the galaxy (Credit: AMC).

In the book Star Wars Archives 1999-2005, written by author Paul Duncan, George Lucas spoke about what the Jedi were supposed to represent in the galaxy far, far away. He said:

They are the most moral of anybody in the galaxy. They’re monks.

Based on Lucas’ comments, it is safe to say that Leslye Headland‘s depiction of the Jedi in The Acolyte, is a stark departure from what they were originally supposed to be.


Headland has argued that the Jedi of the High Republic are different from the ones in Lucas’ films. However, in the excerpt from the book, Lucas proclaimed that the Jedi had been peacekeeping ambassadors for centuries.

Furthermore, while Lucas admitted that the Jedi have a dark side within them, they kept it in check. Hence, during the High Republic era, the Jedi should have been at the peak of their prowess as the most moral people in the galaxy. Therefore, The Acolyte depicting the Jedi as morally ambiguous warriors contradicts Lucas’ original vision.

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