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The Joker #8: Bane’s Daughter Knows How To Beat Joker

Warning: Spoilers for The Joker #8!

When it comes to the Clown Prince of Crime from DC Comics, Joker has apparently unlimited ways to torture and maim the good people of Gotham City, but now that Bane’s daughter, Vengeance, is on his tail, she’s just revealed an extremely effective way to beat him! After all, removing Joker’s tongue and destroying his best shot at wearing down his opponent before he can physically harm them is arguably one of the smartest ideas anyone has had in a long time to defeat him.

Issue Begins….

The Joker
Joker / Vengence

This issue begins with a vicious display of Vengeance’s brutality as she literally rips the arm off of a friend of James Gordon’s right in the middle of a conversation about the hunt for — and potential killing of — Joker, as revealed during the events of The Joker #8 by James Tynion IV and Guillem March. As they depart with Gordon after thwarting police forces in spectacular fashion, Vengeance gets personal with Gordon in a twisted way.

Vengeance Is A Test Tube Project

The Joker
Joker / Vengence

Vengeance proceeds to reveal her origins as a test tube project and how she has been “trained” to detest Joker with all her being as she speeds away on a boat to unknown destinations.

How She Plans On Taking Down Joker 

The Joker
Vengence Rips Out Joker’s Tongue

Vengeance devises a scheme to give Joker a taste of his own medicine that is far too terrible for most people to carry out, especially for Gordon, Batman, and the rest of the Bat-Family. Vengeance’s desire to begin by ripping out Joker’s tongue is a fantastic method to not only symbolically remove his most dangerous weapon — his ability to run his mouth and get into someone’s head — but also permanently maim him in a way he can’t easily recover from.

Joker is known for being cutting in his remarks and manipulative in the way he plays with his victims’ thoughts, so he doesn’t always have to physically harm them to leave an impression on them. Finding a means to beat Joker before he can even start his diabolical game of verbal abuse is a better plan than most, and one that might actually come to pass if Vengeance gets her way.