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The Last Of Us 2 Will Change How Video Game Violence Is Viewed

The Last Of Us 2 Will Change How Video Game Violence Is Viewed

One of the most anticipated games for this year is perhaps the sequel to Joel and Ellie’s adventures in The Last Of Us 2

In 2013, the company Naughty Dog released the hit game entitled The Last of Us. It revolves around the adventures of Joel and Ellie in a post apocalyptic world.

It was both a commercial and critical success as various gamers praised the design, gameplay, story, and character progression the game had.

Three years later, it was announced that the sequel The Last Of Us 2 was in development, promising a continuation of Joel and Ellie’s story. The official trailer was released in December of 2016.

The game took its time and after four years, The Last Of Us 2 is finally coming to the market this May 2020. Fans can now rejoice as they wait for the release the highly-anticipated sequel. 

The Last Of Us 2 Will Change How Video Game Violence Is Viewed 2

Halley Gross, co-writer of The Last of Us 2, has talked about how violence will be used in the gameplay. Gross has mentioned that Ellie’s quest for justice could have consequences and effects on herself, particularly her soul.  

Gross said, “So much of what we’re trying to do is lean into the why, it’s like, yes, she’s going on this quest for justice, but why? What is this impact on her soul, and why does she continue to go on? And it’s that lightness that I think will hopefully balance out the dark.”

She added, “Ultimately, this is a story about the cycle of violence, right? But beyond that, it’s a conversation about the effects systemic trauma can have on your soul.”

The Last Of Us 2 Will Change How Video Game Violence Is Viewed 3

The new gameplay will have people feel the consequences of the violence enacted on fellow animals and humans. It will make them feel the consequences of their actions. This is to make the gameplay more real and relatable.

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Gross continued, “We want to raise the stakes for Ellie. So, every time you’re experiencing these setups, yeah, you have to engage with what would have been a typical NPC. But now, you’ve shot him, and his friend keeps screaming his name, and you have to carry the impact of your violence with you, as you escape that setup.”

How will this new gameplay affect the gamers now that they are more involved in the game? Will fans love it or hate it? We will just have to wait and see when The Last Of Us 2 comes out May 2020.

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