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The Last of Us Gets Rare and Valid Criticism for Skipping Major Plot Device Despite Massive $15M Budget Per Episode Ahead of Season Finale

The Last of Us Gets Rare and Valid Criticism for Skipping Major Plot Device Despite Massive $15M Budget Per Episode Ahead of Season Finale

The show’s concept is not unique given that the show is adapted from an already famous game. The Last of Us has some great competition and standards to uphold given the number of shows in the genre. Like The Walking Dead which had a similar theme. The Last of Us has done what no show could, it is the first successful game adaptation into a TV show. The HBO series has been trending since the day it was released. 

The Last of Us has faired well among critics until now 

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The Last of Us

The Last of Us takes a turn where the infected weren’t the main menace following the terrifying introduction of the dreadful clickers. Please Hold My Hand, from Season 1, Episode 4, revealed the evil side of humanity. 

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The infected in The Last of Us

After a great run fans have only one complaint about the show and that is the number of infected shown in the show was significantly less. The criticism is in light of the proportion of infected in the games.

Even though the show is said to focus on human relationships and their stories, fans feel that maybe the scales are tipped. Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann are too focused on the human stories which might have led them to miss the horror. 

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The Last of Us episode 8 gives up on doing the right thing

Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey in The Last of Us.

An astonishing 8.1 million people tuned in to the season finale of The Last of Us Season 1 on Sunday night. That makes Episode 8 the highest-watched episode of the whole season, according to Warner Bros. Discovery. The 8.1 million viewers who watched Episode 8, When We Are In Need, helped to boost the audience by 74% compared to the 4.7 million viewers who watched the series debut.

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The Last of Us cast.

The Last of Us is not the only post-apocalyptic show but it has created a unique identity of its own. The show’s take on how the post-apocalyptic world should look like and what kind of people inhabit it. Episode eight is the epitome of this where the show gives up on being right and wrong. The show does not delve into right or wrong but into how can we justify our actions when we are protecting the ones we love.

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The show deals with morality in a way never seen before and that makes it so much more terrifying. No adults in the show are good but some choose to never cross a line. Did they do the right thing? We are no one to judge and neither do the creators judge them. The second season is already confirmed and will start filming soon.

The Last of Us is streaming on HBO Max.

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