The Last of Us Part III: Abby Will Be The ‘Heart’ Of The Story


The Last of Us franchise has become one of the hottest discussions in recent months owing to the upcoming television adaptation by HBO. From reports of having a massive budget akin to Game of Thrones to its stellar cast, the video game franchise might just break the curse of bad live-action adaptations. However, a recent report from Murphy’s Multiverse has now revealed something controversial, especially for the fans of the video game, which might cause an uproar in the gaming community.

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According to Murphy’s Multiverse, Abby Anderson, portrayed by Laura Bailey in The Last of Us Part II, is reportedly being considered to be the heart of the upcoming sequel. For those who are yet to play the game, Abby Anderson became the center of hate and anger as she was directly responsible for the death of Joel (Troy Baker) in the second part of the video game. As a result, Ellie (Ashley Johnson) went down on a path of vengeance, while being blinded by rage and consumed by anger. In her journey to avenge Joel, Ellie did some truly horrific and questionable acts, including the murder of a pregnant woman.


The Last of Us Part III

Despite being the protagonist of The Last of Us, Joel’s own journey was tainted with some unforgivable actions which could only be understood from Abby’s perspective. While it’s natural to pick Joel and Ellie’s side, Abby provides a unique perspective that shows that even the best of us succumb to our survival instincts when pushed over the edge.



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After being consumed by rage and despair, Ellie has seemingly lost her purpose in life. From giving up music to losing her family, Ellie has hit rock bottom at the end of The Last of Us Part II. However, Abby’s arc of letting go of anger makes her a controversial, yet suitable character to lead the third part of the franchise. While the video game franchise has received critical acclaim for its portrayal of a post-apocalyptic world filled with mindless violence, the game truly shines in its brief moments of love and belongingness, cue the giraffe scene. To encapsulate the game’s motto of life goes on, Abby’s actions will play a pivotal role in the redemption arc of Ellie in the sequel.


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