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‘Looks mid…we don’t care’: HBO Max’s The Last of Us Trailer Instantly Shot Down By Rabid Fans Who Predict an ‘Extremely Overrated’ Pedro Pascal Series

HBO Max's The Last of Us Trailer Instantly Shot Down By Rabid Fans Who Predict an 'Extremely Overrated' Pedro Pascal Series

HBO released the trailer of its highly anticipated series, The Last of Us. The studio has been planning to produce a live-action based on the popular game ever since its release. Bringing its plan to action, HBO announced a television series adaptation of the game in November 2020. After many delays and a long wait, fans finally get a chance to have a look at what the series may have in store for them. 

The Last of Us Tv show
HBO Max’s The Last of Us

HBO Max released The trailer for The Last of Us on September 26. But seems like the anticipation for the series is going downward after its trailer release. While some liked the trailer for how it’s exactly like the game, others said it was not that good and looks just fine. 

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HBO Releases The First Full Trailer of The Last of Us 

HBO released the first trailer for the most awaited show, The Last of Us. The latest TV series is adapted from the popular action-adventure game of the same name. The trailer shows Pedro Pascal as Joel and Bella Ramsey as Ellie. It also gives a glimpse at Joel’s daughter Sarah. 

Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey
Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey

We also see some fellow survivors with the lead characters, including Bill and Frank. Although the trailer did not reveal who else stars in the show, it did give a quick glimpse at the zombified creatures, Clickers. 

The game plot follows Joel and Ellie in the post-apocalyptic world. Joel, who lost his daughter in the apocalypse, starts working as a smuggler. He gets the job of capturing Eli, a young girl immune to the virus. Two of them bond over their journey. Finally, when Joel learns that Ellie will be killed for making the vaccine, he rescues her. 

The Last of Us Trailer
The Last of Us

However, the live-action adaptation will be based in the post-apocalyptic year of 2033, 20 years ahead of the virus outbreak. The plot will follow Joel and Ellie surviving in the post-apocalyptic world and escaping the zombified creatures called Clickers. 

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Why Fans Find The Last of Us Trailer Odd

Even though fans were quite excited about the TV series, there were a few things that they just couldn’t take their mind off. The history Hollywood has with adapting games for live-action is not very pleasing, especially for those who have been engaged with those games for a long time. 

The same is the case with The Last of Us. Fans of the game also feared that the show makers would ruin the story and make it worse. That fear of fans seems to be coming alive as they seem really disappointed with the trailer. 

Pedro Pascal as Joel in The Last of Us
Pedro Pascal to appear as Joel in The Last of Us

One of the first things fans pointed out was its cast. They started pointing out how Bella Ramsey does not look like Ellie at all. Not just Bella Ramsey, many even said they cannot imagine Pedro Pascal as Joel. Even though they appreciated the actor for his work and said that he can take up any role, Joel’s character does not fit him. 

Considering all these fans just described the trailer as mid and said, “we don’t care.” They even said they’d rather play the game or would watch a playthrough.

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Things Fans Appreciated in the Trailer 

The cast was not the only issue with the trailer. Fans also pointed out that the creators straight up copied the trailer scene by scene from the video game. However, there were certain things fans liked about the trailer as well. 

HBO Max's The Last of Us
HBO Max’s The Last of Us

A song plays throughout the trailer of The Last of Us. The song is Hank Williams’ Alone and Foresaken, which is also heard in the original game. Fans love that the makers decided to include it in the trailer. Not just that fans also liked how makers portrayed Clickers in the trailer. Many fans even said, “They look amazing”.

The Last of Us stars Pedro Pascal, Bella Ramsey, Gabriel Luna, and Nico Parker.    

HBO Max has not revealed the release date of the show yet. However, it is assumed that the show will be released in 2023.

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