“The last person you want to take influence from is George Lucas”: Critics Show Concern With Leslye Headland Taking Inspiration From the OG Star Wars Movies

Fans are concerned about The Acolyte following the revelation that Leslye Headland is drawing inspiration from George Lucas' original films.

George Lucas, Leslye Headland, Star Wars
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  • Leslye Headland recently shared insights into how she incorporated elements of franchise creator George Lucas's filmmaking style into The Acolyte.
  • She emphasized its numerous ties to the Star Wars universe, including references to the High Republic, the prequel trilogy, and the original trilogy.
  • People often criticize George Lucas for various reasons, such as storytelling issues and the franchise's sale in later years.
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Leslye Headland’s The Acolyte is the latest Star Wars offerings, and from the trailers and teasers, it appears to be a promising addition to the franchise. However, when the show’s creator, Leslye Headland, recently revealed the inspiration behind the series, citing the legendary George Lucas, fans weren’t exactly over the moon, and here’s why.
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For many fans, George Lucas is synonymous with Star Wars. He birthed the iconic universe that has captivated audiences for generations. However, a significant portion of the fandom seems to agree that Lucas’s later involvement may have negatively impacted the franchise. Now, with his influence over this new project, concerns have risen among fans.


Leslye Headland’s The Acolyte Drew Inspiration from George Lucas

Leslye Headland’s recent interview shed light on the creation of her highly anticipated Star Wars project, The Acolyte.

This has been one of the most talked-about ventures in the Star Wars universe, the series is set to explore the dark side a century before The Phantom Menace. Headland revealed to The HoloFiles how she drew inspiration from franchise creator George Lucas’s filmmaking style by stating,


You want to hit all the particular tropes that make something feel Star Wars. Those practical sets, the familial clashing, the struggle between master and apprentice, father and daughter, sister-sister…I was hoping to embody…all of those particular tropes and elements. It was daunting. Hopefully, we’ve achieved it in a way that feels both fresh and reverent to what George has created.

Star Wars: The Acolyte
Star Wars: The Acolyte

In discussing The Acolyte, Headland also highlighted its myriad connections to the Star Wars universe, such as the High Republic, the prequel trilogy, and the original trilogy. She further added,

If you’re a Star Wars fan, I hope that you will notice the different elements of…other Star Wars media that we have brought into The Acolyte. We’re referencing the High Republic with the design of the robes, by including the character Vernestra Rwoh–I think we’re definitely referencing Clone Wars when we explain the witches and coven that Jodie Turner-Smith leads. So, there’s that.

Fans are eagerly anticipating the series release, despite their lingering skepticism, as they eagerly await to see what unfolds.

Why Some Fans Are Unhappy with Leslye Headland’s Inspiration from George Lucas for The Acolyte

People often feel that George Lucas “ruined” Star Wars for a few reasons. Some fans were disappointed with the prequel trilogy (Episodes I-III) released between 1999 and 2005, citing issues with storytelling, dialogue, and character development.


Additionally, the alterations made to the original trilogy in subsequent re-releases, like the Special Editions, and the controversial changes in the Blu-ray versions, upset some fans who cherished the original theatrical releases.

George Lucas
Hollywood filmmaker George Lucas (image credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Furthermore, the sale of Lucasfilm to Disney in 2012 and the subsequent sequel trilogy Lucas swore would never happen directed by others brought further divisive opinions about the direction of the franchise. Here is what the fans have to say on the situation,



Despite some fans’ reservations, there’s a glimmer of hope as anticipation builds for The Acolyte. The intriguing new elements teased in trailers and teasers offer a promising glimpse into what the Star Wars universe has in store. Fans eagerly await to see what unfolds.


The Acolyte releases on June 4 on Disney+.


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