The Legacy of GTA: What GTA 6 Can Learn From Past Games in the Series

GTA 6 has a long way to go.

The Legacy of GTA: What GTA 6 Can Learn From Past Games in the Series


  • GTA 6 could learn from previous games in the franchise to surpass its legacy.
  • The game could do better with the in-game world and narrative.
  • GTA 6 could give players the choice to shape the story as they want.
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After years of anticipation, Rockstar Games finally dropped the highly-awaited trailer for GTA 6, which instantly broke the internet and currently sits at 150 million views, becoming the most-watched trailer in the history of YouTube and the most-liked gaming trailer ever.


The trailer for the upcoming game gave a lot for players to speculate and talk about. While the Grand Theft Auto titles have always been engaging in gameplay, visually stunning, and impressive in storytelling, GTA 6 will have a big task to surpass the legacy of previous games in the franchise.

GTA 6 Needs to Surpass the Standards Set by Its Predecessors

GTA 6 has a lot to do to surpass the standards set by previous games.
GTA 6 has a lot to do to surpass the standards set by previous games.

Grand Theft Auto, if not the most, is one of the most popular gaming franchises. The previous entry in the series, GTA 5, proved to be a major success for the developer, one that the industry hadn’t seen before, and currently sits at the top of many records in the gaming industry. GTA V became the fastest-selling video game in the world and earned more than $800 million in the first 24 hours of its release, hitting $1 billion in just 3 days.


The franchise has sold nearly 400 million copies, and GTA 5 alone has sold 185 million copies. The franchise has made a big name for itself with its satire and humorous take on the real world, cinematic storytelling, and more. This was seen in the GTA 6 trailer, with real-world references to the state of Florida. But there’s so much more that GTA VI needs to do to surpass the legacy of the previous games in the series.

Grand Theft Auto games have some of the most immersive in-game worlds to explore and do whatever you want, and the narratives have kept players on their toes. The games make one feel like they are in a movie, with the cinematic set pieces and the drama. While that is appreciated by the fans, there are issues that Rockstar needs to carve out for GTA 6 to be the biggest title in the franchise.

The game could feature a more explorable open-world and buildings.
The game could feature a more explorable open world and buildings.

One of the major things GTA 6 could learn and improve is realism, especially from Grand Theft Auto 4. The game is still considered one of the best games in the series and one of the major things behind that is its realistic gameplay. The missions became more difficult to beat as players completed other missions, with enemies wielding more lethal weapons. Grand Theft Auto 6 could learn from this and make it more thrilling and exciting.


One thing GTA 6 could do better is make more buildings enterable, Rockstar did so in GTA 5, but it could surely make more buildings explorable than previous games by making them more immersive. Allowing the players to enter more places in the city would be a huge addition, making the world feel more realistic. As per leaks, it has been suggested that more than 70% percent of the buildings will be explorable in GTA VI, but nothing can be said for certain until the developers confirm.

Grand Theft Auto titles have had immersive storylines that players have connected very well with. GTA 4 is one of the best games in the series in terms of storytelling and although GTA 5 did have multiple protagonists, GTA 4‘s emphasis on the backstory of the protagonist made it very immersive for players.

GTA VI could have a relatable and flawed story of the protagonists.
GTA VI could have a relatable and flawed story for the protagonists.

The power of the protagonist to decide what happens with the characters also keeps players invested. The campaign gives players different choices and although the endings are not what players wanted, it is still one of the best in the series. GTA 6 could learn from it and make the game’s story more immersive and interactive.


Rockstar Games did a brilliant job with GTA 5 and it can easily do so with GTA VI. The game could also bring back the fan-favorite locations of the Vice City. This could see Grand Theft Auto 6 make a name for itself in the series and not just be another game in the franchise.

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