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The Little Mermaid Star Jessica Alexander, Who Fans Wanted to Play Ariel, Says She Loved Halle Bailey’s Version More Than 1989 Original: “Old Disney movies are great but…”

The Little Mermaid Star Jessica Alexander, Who Fans Wanted to Play Ariel, Says She Loved Halle Bailey's Version More Than 1989 Original: "Old Disney movies are great but..."

Halle Bailey and Jessica Alexander’s The Little Mermaid has finally hit the theatres and fans have received the movie very well. Although there had been a lot of backlash before the film’s release, it has since reduced drastically. Despite there still being somewhat negative feedback, the relative reviews of the movie are good. There had been some of the most irrelevant negative feedback about the movie to push it down.

Jessica Alexander
Jessica Alexander

Fans wanted Alexander to play the titular role but that was not something that came to be. However, even with all the back and forth, the actress’s opinion about the movie shines brighter than most. According to Jessica Alexander, Bailey’s little mermaid is much better than the original movie and by a lot.

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Jessica Alexander Prefers Halle Bailey’s The Little Mermaid

Jessica Alexander plays the role of Vanessa, who is the human form of Melissa McCarthy’s Ursula. She acknowledged how the movie became a breakthrough film for her because there was not much recognition that she had before it. She loved the fact that a chance was taken on her and it worked out well. Furthermore, she even talked about how much she preferred the new movie over the 1989 version.

Halle Bailey as The Little Mermaid
Halle Bailey as The Little Mermaid

I don’t think everything needs to be remade, but it’s important to give films like The Little Mermaid an updated point of view, especially when it comes to female stories. Old Disney movies are great, but their lead characters can be a bit subservient. There’s still a lot of beauty to those stories, but it’s fun to bring the modern woman into them. I loved Ariel growing up but, my God, do I love Halle’s Ariel way more.”

She confirmed that when it comes to remakes, some are much better than others. Especially for The Little Mermaid, the actress focused on how it is better for female representation. The story is much different and better according to her. She confirmed that she would rather pick the latest movie over the original one.

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Jessica Alexander Does Not Think The Little Mermaid Can Impact Her Career Enough

Jessica Alexander did focus on how there could be a possibility that The Little Mermaid does not impact her career as majorly as she hopes. She stated that with the way the media moves, new actors come and go and the old establish themselves stronger than ever.

Jessica Alexander

There are loads of actors out there and there’s not anything particularly special about anyone. I earned the role of Vanessa, but a big part of this is also luck, because a big Hollywood producer took a chance [on me]. Being an actor, your fate is so often in other people’s hands, so I’m just trying to live in the moment.”

This could leave little room for her career to grow on a larger scale. However, seeing how well the movie is doing, not only would Halle Bailey’s career skyrocket but, so would Jessica Alexander’s.

The Little Mermaid is now available to watch in theatres.

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