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“The man is the hardest-working man in all of Hollywood”: Henry Cavill’s Co-Star From The Witcher Feels Sad After Cavill Leaves the Netflix Show

"The man is the hardest-working man in all of Hollywood": Henry Cavill's Co-Star From The Witcher Feels Sad After Cavill Leaves the Netflix Show

Henry Cavill’s Netflix role stirred much controversy this year and his unprompted exit marked the end of an era at The Witcher live-action adaptation. Having been vocal about the promotion and representation of the character, the actor’s abrupt departure had gained massive introspective scrutiny from industry insiders and Hollywood theorists and it was unanimously believed that the devotion that the Man of Steel actor displayed for the character of Geralt was not something as easily expendable.

Henry Cavill and Joey Batey as Geralt and Jaskier
Henry Cavill and Joey Batey as Geralt and Jaskier

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On the other hand, the snowballing controversy surrounding the show’s writers and their disregard for Andrzej Sapkowski’s source literature became the focal point as to why the actor would feel compelled to leave the series after wrapping up Season 3. Now, weeks later, the series actors themselves have started opening up about the impact of Henry Cavill’s departure from The Witcher.

Joey Batey Reacts to Henry Cavill Leaving The Witcher

For as long as Geralt of Rivia had existed, Jaskier the Bard had been by his side to spread the gospel of the Witcher, raising his reputation from the gruesome Butcher of Blaviken to a celebrated savior and protector that the people could trust to eradicate their land’s evils. However, a greater purpose lay in wait for the mutated hunter-protector that didn’t include going off on expansive adventures across the countryside with his bard or falling in love with a gifted sorceress.

Henry Cavill and Freya Allan as Geralt and Cirilla
Henry Cavill and Freya Allan as Geralt and Cirilla

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However, those adventures were cut short soon after as Henry Cavill found distancing himself from Geralt of Rivia after the blatant disregard that the show’s writers displayed for Andrzej Sapkowski’s literary works — a transgression that Cavill could not, presumable, forgive or let go of. In the aftermath of his departure, Joey Batey, who plays Jaskier, now comments on the state of the production:

“[Cavill’s departure is] sad. Henry and I are quite close. I knew a little bit before everyone else, really. But to be honest, the whole cast is just going: ‘We’re all going to miss him.’ He’s worked so hard, and particularly on season three. We just wrapped [filming] on season three a couple of months ago. And the man is the hardest-working man in all of Hollywood.”

Joey Batey as Jaskier
Joey Batey as Jaskier

Those are not hollow words since the entire fandom, too, felt dislocated by the sudden news of Cavill’s exit. Even though the news came in the aftermath of the actor’s resurgence and reappearance as DCU’s Superman, one can hardly believe that Cavill could be strong-armed into making a choice between Superman and Geralt.

Henry Cavill’s Departure From The Witcher Derives Wrath

Season 1 of Netflix’s The Witcher became an exceptional and overnight hit. Critical and audience appreciation flooded the internet and the production of Season 2 was announced soon after. However, the unwarranted pandemic delay put a halt to those plans and even though the season arrived three years later, anticipation was high. Unfortunately, the lackluster script could not be saved even with the brilliant execution of the actors. Adding to the public’s mounting disdain toward a disappointing sequel season comes the news of the lead’s exit.

Henry Cavill lays down his Witcher medallion
Henry Cavill lays down his Witcher medallion

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Even as the fandom understands and respects Cavill’s choice, the rage that would follow was predictable. For most of The Witcher fans, however, the series ends with Henry Cavill. Others who want to wait it out are decidedly set to be open-minded to Season 3’s execution, following which they’d decide whether they want to stay unbiased toward the Netflix series or not. Liam Hemsworth replacing Henry Cavill comes as a surprising choice but given the high-profile producers and executives attached at the helm of the show, the casting couldn’t have been made at a moment’s whim but rather upon much deliberation and consideration.

The Witcher Seasons 1 and 2 are available for streaming on Netflix.

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