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The Mandalorian: 10 Best Action Sequences, Ranked


While the Star Wars movies are loaded with exceptionally well-choregraphed fight sequences, the Mandalorian season 1 and season 2 has managed to top them off with some truly memorable action scenes of its own.

The Opening Bar Scene

This is where it all started. The opening sequence of the season 1 premiere of The Mandalorian was where things started taking shape. The Mandalorian enters a bar and draws the ire of some hot-blooded jarheads. He swiftly dispatches the heavies with his skills and awesome gadgets. His most impressive kill is when he cuts an opponent in half using the door. Who knew automatic doors could act as make-shift guillotines!!

The AT-ST Raid

The AT-ST Walkers are seldom taken seriously in the Galaxy far, far away. They are seen as slow, awkward, and noisy machines that never live up to their reputation. That was before Bryce Dallas Howard showed us how terrifying a force of nature an AT-St Walker could be if used the right way. These machines pack enough firepower to singlehandedly take down an entire town. In Chapter 4: The Sanctuary, an AT-ST Walker was the stuff of nightmares in a terrifying night-time sequence.

Din Djarin Fights Moff Gideon

Din Djarin and Moff Gideon’s ultimate showdown was a long time coming. The moment Ahsoka Tano handed over the Beskar spear to din, we knew din would meet Gideon and his Darksaber in combat. Gideon threatened Grogu’s life, showing signs of empathy when he allowed din to take the child away and leave the ship. It was all an act of deception. Din Djarin saw through Gideon’s moves and fought him head on. His superior spearman-ship got the best of Gideon’s lightsaber skills. Gideon was outsmarted after a short but incredible battle.

Ahsoka Tano vs. Morgan Elsbeth’s Guards

We all waited and waited for the rumor to come true. And in The Mandalorian season 2, it finally did. Ahsoka Tano, a fan favorite Clone wars character, made her live action debut. Played by Rosario Dawson, there couldn’t have been a better debut for a Jedi in the show. Tano was seen using stealth and the Force to rip Morgan Elsbeth’s guards a new one. In the end when the dust cleared, she was the only one left standing. Her fighting skills were effortless and fluid, and most importantly a treat to watch on screen.

The Rhydonium Raid

Mayfeld and Din join forces to infiltrate a secret Imperial Rhydonium refining facility. After hijacking a transport vessel, they are ambushed by pirates, who frequently target Imperial convoys carrying this volatile material. The pirates attempt to blow up the Rhydonium on board. The only thing standing in their way is Din Djarin. Here Din shows an exceptional proficiency to hold his own against hordes of foes. despite having the numerical disadvantage, the Morak pirates are pushed back. This was when Din Djarin did not even have his Beskar armor or the rest of his gear. He was disguised in Storm Trooper armor.

Boba Fett Decimates Storm Trooper Squad

To be honest, the show might be about din Djarin and Grogu but even the supporting characters sometimes steal the show in ways not even the lead character could. One such example is Boba Fett. His very entry in the season 2 premiere put the rumor mill to work. When he finally appeared before Din Djarin to claim his armor, they were ambushed by Imperial Storm Troopers. Fennec Shand did her best with her rifle. But it was Boba Fett that was the show stopper. Using a combination of short range laser fire and close quarter combat weaponry, Fett steam-rolled through the ambush. His kill count that day was more than Fennec and Din’s combined.

Din Djarin vs. Dark Trooper

The Dark Troopers are the epitome of Imperial battle droid technology. They are stronger, smarter, and faster than regular droids. They were the primary threat that needed to be neutralized before din Djarin, Bo Katan and the others could make their way to capture Moff Gideon. A single Dark trooper managed to escape through the door. The ensuing fight scene had a Terminator vibe to it. No matter what Mando threw its way. the Dark trooper kept pounding. If not for his Beskar armor and a few nifty tricks up Mando’s sleeve, the Dark Trooper would have won that match.

Nurse And Protect

This action sequence is special because of IG-11. Star wars has an uncanny ability of making the fans fall in love with droid characters. After Rogue One’s K-2SO and Solo’s L3-37, we found solace in IG-11. the hunter-killer droid that had been repurposed to protect the very thing it was sent to kill. IG-11 ultimately sacrificed itself for Din Djarin to have a fighting chance at the end of season 1. But not before showing his skills are still deadly as hell despite his new benevolent personality. Using a speeder and two blaster pistols with Grogu held close to its chest. IG-11 blasted through scores of Imperial Storm Trooper barricades like hot knife through butter. \

The Prison Break Scene

The Mandalorian Season 1 – Chapter 6: The Prisoner has the best action sequence in the entire two seasons of the show. Directed by Rick Famuyiwa, it took the Mandalorian into the heart of a prison ship, where he was ‘aided’ by a group of former allies. While trying to spring an inmate out of prison, the team double-crosses Din Djarin. Unperturbed, Din manages to get the better of his enemies using his sheer ferocity and tenacity. The red lighting only adds more flavor and tone to this sequence.

Luke Skywalker Destroys The Dark Troopers

Din Djarin and team had very little chance of making it out alive. They knew the Dark Troopers are too strong to be taken down. even the captive Moff Gideon knew he would be the only one to walk out of the bridge alive. That was until a certain hooded Jedi entered the ship in an X-Wing. The ominous music score by Ludwig Göransson coupled with Luke Skywalker’s exceptionally deadly Jedi abilities was a wet dream come true for Star Wars fans. The final moments of the fight scenes were wantonly made to resemble Darth Vader’s Hallway scene in Rogue One. That was quite a scene to watch and a wonderful way to end The Mandalorian’s impressive second season run.

Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

With a Bachelor's in Engineering and a Master's in Marketing and Operations, Bibhu found a love for writing, working for many different websites. He joined FandomWire in July 2020 and worked his way to his current position of Content Strategist. Bibhu has been involved in operating and managing FandomWire's team of writers, diversifying into varied, exotic fields of pop culture.