The Mandalorian: 5 DC Characters Mando Can Defeat ( & 5 Who Will Crush Him)

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With the second season of the critically acclaimed The Mandalorian only a few hours away from its premiere, it’s hard to contain our excitement for the Beskar clad bounty hunter and Baby Yoda duo to explore the galaxy far, far away.


The Mandalorian

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In the first season of The Mandalorian, Din Djarin/Mando proved why the Mandalorians were such a feared creed. His exemplary skills, lethal prowess, unshakeable will, and unmatched intelligence make Mando one of the most accomplished fighters in the entire galaxy. But how far would he last against some of the top-tiered DC characters? Let’s find out.

10. Win Against: Deadshot

The Mandalorian vs Deadshot

In the DC universe, there are numerous assassins trying to wreak havoc. However, only a few come close to the prowess of Deadshot. His unimaginable marksmanship makes him a deadly assassin. But sadly, that’s it. Bullets don’t work against Beskar, remember? Known for his will to die, Mando might just make it come true.


9. Lose To: Wonder Woman

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If there’s anyone who can keep Superman in check, it’s Wonder Woman. Mando might be a tactical genius, but even his unbreakable Beskar cannot save him from the Princess of Themyscira. Diana’s sword can splice DNA, so absolutely nothing comes in her way if Mando decides to fight her.


8. Win Against: Booster Gold

The Mandalorian vs Booster Gold

Equipped with artifacts from the 25th century, Booster Gold definitely seems like a worthy adversary for the bounty hunter. However, Mando’s rigorous training, tactical genius, and lethal firepower can take down Booster Gold who is quite notorious for jumping into fights without thinking ahead.

7. Lose To: Green Arrow

The Mandalorian vs Green Arrow


One of the best archers of DC Universe, Green Arrow is also an accomplished hand-to-hand combatant. Apart from being a master tactician, Green Arrow is also an accomplished swordsman with peak mental conditioning. Though normal arrows won’t work against Beskar, never underestimate Green Arrow’s surprise arrows that can easily blow up a building.

6. Win Against: Black Canary

Known for her powerful ‘Canary Cry’, Black Canary is a formidable superhero. Her proficiency in martial arts is also an added bonus. However, the fishnet-clad superhero has been incapacitated before by gagging her to prevent the dangerous ‘Canary Cry’. Though her Canary Cry can affect metals, it is hard to believe that it would leave a dent on Beskar which can take a direct hit from a blaster and stay intact.


5. Lose To: Cyborg

Mando might be clad in metal, Cyborg is half metal and half-human. Cyborg’s unparalleled intelligence and powerful blasts can easily take down the Beskar clad bounty hunter. Also, Cyborg can access the database of the Mandalorian creed, including their strengths and weaknesses.

4. Win Against: Red Hood

The Mandalorian vs Red Hood


Jason Todd is undoubtedly a force of nature against the likes of Joker and the Penguin. Though he has trained under Batman himself, his falling out with the Dark Knight also meant that he missed out on a few important lessons which the other Robins learned. His over-reliance on guns is effective against curbing crime, but definitely not against a Beskar-clad Mando.

3. Lose To: Batman

The Mandalorian vs Batman

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Batman might not be invincible, but his tactical genius is actually second to none. A few might argue that Batman mostly wins due to plot armor (hint: he does at times), but this time he won’t need it against the Mandalorian. Whatever Mando does, Batman just does better. His strategic mind and famous utility belt will take down Mando, but not with ease.

2. Win Against: Bane

The Mandalorian vs Bane

Let’s be honest, Bane is around to wreak havoc due to Batman’s no-killing policy. Remember the time when Azrael became Batman and beat the living daylights out of Bane? That’s exactly what awaits the juiced-up supervillain when he meets Mando. A well-timed blaster shot to Bane’s venom tank and it’s pretty much over for him. Also, Mando can fly, let’s not forget that.


1. Lose To: Blue Beetle

According to Guy Gardner, Ted Kord is actually smarter than Batman. Blue Beetle’s cheerful personality perfectly masks his prowess as a martial artist, keen observant mind, and numerous gadgets he has built over the years. His vast arsenal can take down Mando, including his Beskar armor.


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