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The Mandalorian Season 3 Theory: Grogu Inherits The Darksaber

In the season 2 finale of The Mandalorian, Luke Skywalker swoops in to save the day. As Din Djarin and the gang are pinned down by the Dark Troopers, Luke massacres the droids and comes to grogu’s aid. Grogu is now under the care of Luke Skywalker on a distant planet. The Book of Boba Fett episode 6 maye have given us more information that we bargained for. because according to this The Mandalorian Season 3 theory, Grogu is going to get one more gift from his ‘dad’. The Mandalorian season 3 theory states Grogu will become the rightful heir to the Darksaber.

Will he wield it?

SPOILER ALERT: Book of Boba Fett Episode 6 spoilers up ahead. Enter at your own risk….

Din Djarin with the Darksaber

As the fifth chapter of the show has shown us, the series does not just entail Boba Fett’s journey. It has also been showing the journey of the original Mando – Din Djarin. As Boba struggles to hire muscle that he can trust, Din agrees to Fennec Shand’s offer to come to their aid. But before doing that, Din must attend to some unfinished business. Din has to meet Grogu and give him the Mandalorian chain mail he had the Armor forge for him.

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The choice is yours, Grogu

For those who have watched the episode, you know what happens next. Din decides to not meet Grogu so that Grogu could let go of his attachments to become a Jedi. But Din gives the beskar armor to Ahsoka, who forwards it to Luke. Luke, who senses a strong connection between Grogu and Din, gives the former a choice. Choose Yoda’s lightsaber and embrace the way of the Jedi. Or he can choose the beskar armor and become a Mandalorian foundling.

But what if there’s more to this decision than what meets the eye?

The Mandalorian Season 3 Theory Grogu – The Wielder Of The Darksaber

The True Heir

The Darksaber is indeed a peculiar weapon. When Mando tried to wield it in combat, it was extremely heavy. But the weapon is not inherently heavy. It is Din’s desire to control the blade rather than let it flow alongside him that makes it so hard to control. One efficient method of controlling the Darksaber as shown in previous shows is by letting oneself surround yourself with people that shoulder the burden with you.

The Darksaber

Many wielders of the Darksaber have used this technique to control the weapon. Din Djarin, who has been a lone wolf throughout his life, may find it difficult to learn the value of family. That is where Grogu comes in. Grogu sees Din like a true father figure. And that, ladies and gentlemen, changes things.

The Darksaber Could Be Passed Down From ‘Father’ To ‘Son’

Father & Son

Star Wars already has set this precedent a long time ago. Obi-Wan gifted Anakin’s original lightsaber to Luke, who used it in combat. Lightsabers, including the Darksaber, are all influenced by a paternal bond and can be gifted down from one inheritor to another familial heir. The Darksaber’s legend comes from the myths and stories of how it is earned, rather than given as a gift.

Will he?

Grogu, who has earned the position of being Din Djarin’s son, makes a strong case into becoming the owner of the Darksaber. If Grogu inherits the Darksaber from Din, it would not tarnish the legend behind the weapon since it is canon that lightsabers can be inherited via ancient Jedi tradition. Grogu would be doing so because he has a strong paternal bond with the current wielder of the weapon.

Din gets his redemption

This could also become Din Djarin’s ‘redemption’. The Armorer explains that the only way Din redeems himself (because he took his helmet off) is by traveling to the Living Waters under the mines of Mandalore. Those mines no longer exist after Mandalore’s fall. Maybe by passing on the Darksaber to Grogu, who will now shoulder the burden of the weapon alongside Din, the Darksaber could finally be trained. That would be redemption enough for Din Djarin since he returns the legendary Mandalorian weapon to someone who can actually control its powers.

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