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The Matrix: Greatest Neo-Trinity Moments That Made Us Say “They Are The One”

All Matrix fans are excited to watch The Matrix Resurrections after 18 years since the last installment came in. In the sci-fi trilogy, the chemistry between Neo and Trinity, played by Keanu Reeves and Carrie Ann-Moss, was an integral part of the plot. The chemistry between the two was adorable and went on strong through it all. They gave us the best “power-couple goals.” Seeing the couple go through something as painful in Matrix: Revolutions, fans are secretly hoping to see them again. While the trailer showed us that Neo and Trinity’s paths are crossing again, here are the greatest Neo-Trinity moments that made us say, “they are the one.”


1. Trinity’s role in bringing Neo into their circle and helping him meet Morpheus was a prime one. Neo, as is his hacker name, meets Trinity in a club after he receives a mysterious message saying, “follow the white rabbit.” The development of their chemistry was evident from the very beginning.

How did Trinity know that Neo would see a white rabbit to follow? - Quora

2. Once Neo receives a phone call from Morpheus, he is asked to meet him at the Adams Street Bridge. Trinity, along with Apoc and Switch, picks him up. During their car ride, Trinity removes a tracker inserted by the Agents, resulting in the building of trust.

3. When Neo meets with the Oracle, he tells Trinity everything about the meeting. We saw throughout the movie that Neo had a hard time believing that he was the one. And we find out (quite beautifully) why the Oracle was right about him being the one by revealing to him and us that Trinity would fall for “The One.” 

The Matrix (1999) When The Oracle tells Neo he's not The One, she says maybe in the next life. Later, he's killed by Agent Smith and when he comes back to life,

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4. Her belief in Neo being “The One” strengthens when Cypher betrays the team after the Agents capture Morpheus. Right before Tank kills Cypher, Trinity answers Cypher’s question if she believes that Neo is really the prophesied “One,” by saying yes. She realizes it is true since she had started falling in love with him, just as the Oracle had prophesied.

The Matrix Cyphered Betrayal 4K - YouTube

5. Neo and Trinity’s chemistry grew throughout the movie in the most mature way, and this Neo-Trinity moment is the perfect example. Since Morpheus was held captive, Neo decides to save him by entering the construct with a doubt in his prophecy. Although she believed that he was “The One,” Trinity accompanies him and takes charge to lead them through the situation.

Neo-Trinity moments

6. Neo and Trinity had the best action sequences in the trilogy, especially the shootout in the lobby of the hotel. The characters’ chemistry and highly skilled stunts never seem to grow old.

The Matrix | THE 4TH WALL Neo-Trinity moments


7. The fight that follows the shootout showed us how Neo magnificently dodge Agent’s bullets but gets hit eventually. That Neo-Trinity moment showed the audience that they always had each other’s backs. We fell in love with the couple even more after the scene.

Trinity aims her gun Neo-Trinity moments

8. Trinity accepts and shows her love for Neo when he’s alone in the Matrix with the Agent. She kisses him and reveals the Oracle’s prophecy for her.

Neo-Trinity moments-The Matrix

9. Persephone sees the chemistry Neo and Trinity share and feels envious of their love for each other. To experience the same passion that left her relationship long back, she asks Neo to kiss her as he would kiss Trinity. Their feelings for each other were on display during the scene.

Monica Bellucci as Persephone in The Matrix Neo-Trinity


10. Neo saves Trinity in the Matrix: Reloaded, and that’s the moment where they realize their love for each other. However, their final moments in The Matrix Revolutions were excruciating. It crushed our hearts, and we won’t lie; it made us teary-eyed.

Neo-Trinity Matrix Revolution

Which Neo-Trinity moment is your favorite? Are you excited to see the power couple again? Tell us in the comments.


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