The Monkey: After She-Hulk, Tatiana Maslany Teams up With Renowned Lord of the Rings Actor for Stephen King Movie Adaptation

Why Stephen King's The Monkey is already popular amongst fans

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  • Stephen King comes with a reputation for making scary works.
  • The latest adaptation of King's work, The Monkey, revolves around the story of two brothers who deal with an evil deity - the Toy Monkey.
  • With stars like Tatiana Masley and Elijah Wood, the movie received positive response from fans
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Stephen King has a knack for coming up with stories that can scare people left, right, and center. His penchant for weaving worlds was something out of the ordinary. No wonder people are filled with awe whenever they hear the name of a King classic. And it seems that they are about to be awestruck again, as it has been confirmed that another movie based on one of his stories is going to be released next year. And it is all set to scare your hearts away.


Stephen King’s The Monkey has come a long way

Stephen King's The Monkey
The Monkey, based on a Stephen King’s story of the same name is all set to release next year l Author: Bernard Gotfryd Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Back in 2023, when Black Bear Pictures went into the Cannes Film Festival, they had an interesting announcement up their sleeves – a movie adaptation of Stephen King‘s story, The Monkey, was in the works. Not coming with the same stellar reputation as The Shining, it revolves around twin brothers who come across their late dad’s monkey toy.

It goes without saying that everything went down for the duo from that point onwards. Feeling caught in a string of deaths, the brothers find themselves at the center of it all, burdened with the impossible task of facing the evil itself.


No wonder when the movie was announced, fans were excited.

The Monkey is all set to strike gold

Tatiana Maslany
The Monkey has quite the cast at its disposal l Author: Gage Skidmore: Credits Wikimedia Commons

If there existed any doubts about the movie’s Box Office prospects, its cast would have allayed some of those doubts. Featuring Tatiana Maslany, Elijah Wood, and Theo James in the titular role, with Osgood Perkins set to write and direct the movie. It seems that the stars have aligned for another marvelous Stephen King adaptation.

Being produced by James Wan, under his Atomic Monster banner, it is set to be distributed by Neon, who won an intense bidding war between multiple US distributors for the movie’s domestic rights. To be released on 21st February, 2025, the movie has already piqued fans’ interest.


Fans can’t wait for The Monkey

Elijah Wood
The Elijah Wood starrer already has fans in its awe l Author: Gage Skidmore Credits: Wikimedia Commons

The absence of snippets about the film has not resulted in fans being any less interested. With the movie largely expected to be on the same lines, fans were quick to show their love on X.

The overwhelming reactions dropped by users on X go a long way in showing that a Stephen King story will find it easy to win hearts, no matter what era it is.


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