The Most Heart-Warming Office Romances In TV Shows

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Romance is a big part of TV shows. Long seasons and whole series can benefit from the action and reaction of long-simmering passion. Evidently, among the most successful television couples and ships began as office romances. Many wonderful pairings ultimately connect through the odd or wacky situations they are a part of at work, forming close bonds and establishing intimate moments, whether they are professional opponents or unrequited crushes.


Despite the fact that not all of the couples end up together, the office brought them together and created moments that are still vivid in the minds of fans. Here are some of the best TV office romances that will warm your heart and make you say ‘awww”:

1. Doug and Carol from ER

One of the best office romances of all time.
Doug, the pediatrician with a penchant for breaking the rules, and Carol, the nurse manager who always knew when to put a doctor in his place.

Some of the audience feels that ER was typically more about fast-paced, dramatic emergency care than romance. This is true, to a certain extent. The exceptions to this were pediatrician Doug (George Clooney) and nurse Carol (Julianna Margulies). The couple got engaged by the fifth season and were expecting twins, which was not known to Doug. When Doug departed to Seattle, their on-again, off-again romance seemed to be over for good (and also Clooney had moved on to movie superstardom in real life at this time). Carol, on the other hand, traveled halfway across the nation near the end of the sixth season to check if Doug truly loved her, only to discover that he’d been waiting for her all this while. They got married, raised their twins in Seattle, and worked at the University of Washington Hospital.


2. Jim and Pam from The Office

One of the best office romances of all time.
One of the main couples of The Office: Jim and Pam

Followers of The Office will not be surprised to see Jim and Pam at the top of this list. Jim and Pam had something unique from the beginning of the show. Fans knew it would happen at some point, even though it took them much too long to declare their affections for each other. Pam and Jim were together for certain by Season 4, although many sitcoms prefer to retain the ‘will-they-won’t-they’ drama of protagonist romances for the whole of the series. They were married with children by season 6, and their marriage went through significant difficulties in the show’s final season. Viewers, on the other hand, were convinced that the two were created for each other and would remain together till the finish.

3. Chole Decker and Lucifer Morningstar from Lucifer

One of the best office romances of all time.
The two hottest LAPD detectives ever: Chloe Decker and Lucifer Morningstar.

Lucifer and Chloe eventually give in to their affections for one another at the finale of Lucifer Season 3 after years of forging a connection and mutual understanding. Of course, when Chloe witnesses Lucifer’s devil face, everything comes crashing down. However, she is eventually able to accept him and proclaim her love in the season finale of Lucifer Season 4. Lucifer is, however, forced to abandon her and go back to hell, and you can practically see both of their hearts shattering. However, Luci does come back and the two of them get back.  The fact that Lucifer and Chloe aren’t together just because they’re supposed to be is what makes their match so ideal. Rather than being pawns of fate, the two have chosen to be together.

4. Rebecca and Nathaniel from Crazy Ex-Girlfriends

One of the best office romances of all time.
The love-hate office romance, that eventually turned to love.

Rebecca (Rachel Bloom) and Nathaniel (Scott Michael Foster) from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend are for you if you prefer office romances that are a little caustic and harsh. Nathaniel is an egotistical lawyer who takes control of Rebecca’s company in the second season of this comedy drama, and their love-hate dynamic is fantastic. From the Ed Sheeran-inspired homage to negging “Let’s Have Intercourse” to the hymn of love and amorality “Nothing Is Ever Anyone’s Fault,” these two happily drew out the worst in each other before taming each other’s rough sides. He is one of Rebecca’s three ultimate suitors by the end of the show, and when she makes her decision in choosing herself, she assists him in doing the same.


5. Jake and Amy from Brooklyn Nine-Nine

One of the best office romances of all time.
“The truth is, our job isn’t always great. I mean, sometimes it sucks. But it sucks a little less when I get to do it with you.” – Jake to Amy.

The best relationships are those that can be spotted from a long distance. On Brooklyn Nine-Nine, there’s one such traditional “enemies to friends to lovers” relation with a “workplace romance” thrown in for good measure. We’re talking about Jake and Amy, of course. From one perp after the other, to innumerable sex tape jokes. At the end of season one, the beautifully slow burn and “will they, won’t they” aspect of Jake and Amy’s relationship begins to show through most successfully. Their rivalry never crosses lines because they both believe in and admire one another’s abilities. From rivals to unrequited love, then friends, best buddies, and finally family. Jake and Amy have each other’s hearts, and Charles’ support and fanboying over them for them is a perfect reflection of all of us fawning over this adorable couple.



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