The Most Important Elden Ring Question is Being Asked by the Internet as we Wait for Shadow of the Erdtree

The Shattering that caused Elden Ring's world to look so bleak.


  • A player has pointed out an important detail about the game's world.
  • Elden Ring's take on life and death brings out many such mysteries.
  • Shadow of the Erdtree will likely explore such philosophies.
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FromSoftware games have a way of perfecting the idea of mystery. Almost all their games are shrouded in the sense of vagueness that needs to be explored by the players. Elden Ring is the prime example of this, given how the open world thrives at building on this idea of unclarity.


One such mystery has been brought to light by a user on Twitter, commenting on how the world keeps keeping the sense of question active through its environmental storytelling. The more you traverse through the Lands Between, the more you’re likely to come across new stories.

Chairs, dead bodies, and everything in between

Elden Ring death of characters
There are many instances in the game where you’ll notice subtle forms of storytelling.

As you explore the world of Elden Ring, you’ll notice a common theme; death playing an active part in its narrative. One such example lies with the dead bodies you’ll spot across the world. But there’s something off about them. They’re sitting in a chair, pointed in a specific direction. A lot of them can even be praying. What does this even mean?


When this observation was brought to light by user Ziostorm1 on Twitter, the community circled back to the conversation that was perhaps are trending topic of conversation when the game arrived. However, with Shadow of the Erdtree’s official details right around the corner, players are yet again asking the right questions.

From what we know, a common conception is how the Shattering in Elden Ring was the cause of an apocalypse. This likely led to many people watching the world tumble down on the verge of a new dawn. The was perhaps little hope of survival, and these inhabitants knew what was coming,

So, some of them sat and watched the world come to an extinction, silently praying as if they were hoping for a fair salvation. Again, this is just a theory that isn’t backed by official lore. Perhaps the new expansion will give us new ideas around the same concept, maybe even give us a better understanding of all that went down.


The concept of death has been explored at length in Elden Ring

Elden Ring expansion mysteries
The game’s expansion might give us answers to such questions.

The temporary nature of life isn’t a new concept to games by FromSoftware. Elden Ring explores the history of Lands Between, 5000 years before the player’s first steps into the world. In retrospect, these aren’t many years considering how many royal families and characters found themselves wrapped in the world’s bittersweet tale of Gods and demigods.

The bodies you spot in the game have so much to tell; from being part of wars that destroyed everything to a possible idea of an afterlife that’s yet to be explored. Maybe, Shadow of the Erdtree can dive deeper into the unconscious states a Tarnished (or even an Elden Lord) may go through between life and death. That’s just one of the many narratives FromSoftware can choose to embark upon.

Speaking of which, there’s not much we know about the upcoming DLC, but there’s one thing for certain; more and more players are now curious about the little details the world of Elden Ring has to offer. The Twitter post is a great example of the same. If you’ve poured several hours into the game, what are some of your observations regarding the same? Let us know in the comments below.


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