The Most Ridiculous Movies You Won’t Believe Actually Exist!

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Movies offer us a break from our mundane existence. It, therefore, makes sense for them to have larger-than-life premises and surreal storylines. However, some flicks take it too far, to the point of absurdity. Fantastic and extraordinary plots are fine, ridiculous and insane ones are NOT. After all, there is a fine line separating the ingenious from the nonsensical. The history of cinema is rife with instances of films that crossed the said line.


Some movies are ridiculous by accident, some are purposefully made so. Some have outlandish plots, others are totally crazy.  Either way, they are often a fun watch, if only for their absurdity. Here we take a look at 6 Ridiculous Movies You Won’t Believe Actually Exist!

1. The Happening (2008): Humans Trash the Environment, Environment hits back.

The Most Ridiculous movies
Mark Wahlberg and Zooey Deschanel in The Happening (2008)

The plot of this movie is straight out of the fantasy of a de-arranged, human loathing, climate change-maniac. Angry about pollution and other ecological damage done by humans, the plant life of earth releases a toxin that makes humans want to kill themselves! Talk about taking matters into one’s own hands! If handled more smarty, this could’ve been the plot of a decent sci-fi/ horror movie. But it was not. A ridiculous premise married with a horrid execution. The high point of this film is where the lead star pleads for mercy with a houseplant! Phew!


2. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes (1978): Red, Angry Tomatoes Want to Kill Humans

6 ridiculous movies that exist.
A Still from the Movie, The Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.

Yes, You read that right. The antagonists are Tomatoes. They are somehow sentient. Red (!) And seething with anger, with only one thing in their minds: to kill humans. Well, it does make sense. Humans all around the world love devouring tomatoes. This is an alternate universe where Tomatoes get even. To think that 90,000 $ were spent on this flick makes one question everything!

3. Mrs.Doubtfire (1993): Cringe, Cringe, Cringe!

The lead character is a divorced dad who wants to spend time with his children. So, to avoid custody disputes, he makes use of the fact that he is an actor and dresses up as a nanny. If the idea itself wasn’t itself ridiculous, one look at his transformation as a woman would convince you of the absurdity of this movie. The actor looks nothing like a woman, is comically obese, and looks like a man with a silly wig on his head. To take the silliness even further, none of the character’s family members notice anything, at all, during the entirety of the film.


We can safely say, no efforts were made in the making of this film.

4. Mannequin (1987): Man Falls In Love With… a Mannequin!

6 ridiculous movies that were actually made
Still from the movie, Mannequin (1987)

An affable loser falls in love with a departmental store mannequin. Yes, we have seen odd things like this on the discovery channel, but to make a film around this twisted fantasy is a whole new level of absurdity. If it makes the whole situation slightly better (or worse!), the mannequin is that of a long-dead Egyptian queen. For many of us mannequins are creepy, but to fall in love with one is RIDICULOUS!

5. Boxing Helena (1993): Easily, The Worst Entry On The List!

six ridiculous films that were made
Boxer Helena (1993)

The plot of this film is crazy. An obsessive surgeon kidnaps a beautiful woman who is a car accident victim. He then goes on to AMPUTATE all of her limbs and to top it all, makes her fall in love with him. The film tries to inject genuine romance into this perverse storyline. This film is often ranked as one of the most absurd films of its era. One look at its plot and it’s immediately clear why.


6. Joe Versus The Volcano (1990): Man Volunteers to be Flung In a Volcano

six rediculous movies that were actually made.
Poster of the Film.

Coming of age dramas are a Hollywood staple. The chaps here tried to put a breath of fresh air in the genre. Alas, the storyline was too absurd. Ugh. The lead character is a dying man and volunteers to have himself flung into a volcano. He is shown to have learned the true meaning of life along the way, and also found true love. Sure, by the end of this list one thing is amply clear, as far as Hollywood scripts go, anything goes!

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