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The Most Terrifying Villains To Grace Cinema

Terrifying, to represent extreme fear. What makes something or someone terrifying? The thought of never escaping or alone in the dark. The unknown is equally scary for many humans, and why is that? So many questions that people try to find answers to every day. Sometimes the answers can be traced back to a movie that left a person with nightmares. This article is a calling card to monsters that left us uneasy in our seats and had everybody sleeping with a night light on. Villains left little to the imagination on what kind of immense harmful deeds they had planned for the protagonist. Raise our glasses to some of cinema’s absolutely most terrifying villains.

Harry Powell

powell villains

Harry Powell might be the Golden Age of Hollywood’s most terrifying villain. Robert Mitchum does an incredible job portraying a bloodthirsty convict that uses his snake tongue and the word of God to infiltrate a small town. Even if it means murdering children, and he will without hesitation. The vile things a man will do for the love of money.

Michael Myers

halloween 78 villains

Michael might have the best to second-best mask in horror. Striking fear throughout Haddonfield, and for whoever steps in his path. He is the embodiment of pure evil on a never-ending mission to create bloody massacres across the country. There is no rhyme or reason for his destruction which makes him slightly more terrifying than the likes of Voorhees.

Black Phillip

black phillip villains

There are only a handful of animals in cinema that make us uncomfortable and frightened. No, not Cujo; it’s Black Phillip who takes the cake without breaking a sweat. He is the bad omen that splits apart this 1600s New England Puritan family apart. Using his wicked trickery Philip causes madness, betrayal, terror, abandonment, and death in his wake. Be wary of Black Phillip at all times.

Anton Chigurh

anton villains

There are many villains that could have been on this list even some with supernatural abilities, but there’s something truly haunting about a villain that is a mere man that reeks the aurora of death. Anton Chigurh is a man that cannot be bought. Once he is hired he must kill and there’s nothing more to say. A calm cold psychopath that takes pleasure in the hunt that’ll even slay the innocent if they lie in his path. He may allow you to live if you win in a coin toss.

Written by Barry Buzzkill

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